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5 Dominant Interior Décor Trends and Themes We Have Already Seen in 2019

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 23 July 2019 23:42

2019 began with a bang with many new themes emerging in the Indian interior décor space. At the same time, many design trends, which were quite common in the ‘80s and ‘90s, were also seen making a quiet comeback.

While our focus, in this article, would primarily be on generic trends that we have observed in 2019 in the interior design arena, we would, however, be closely looking at one specific area of design in which Total Environment is leading the charge.

Let us now look at the most prominent home design themes of 2019.

Design Styles That You Couldn’t Have Missed This Year

2019 will probably be remembered for the following design ideas:

1. Black is back

While we agree that it could be an exaggeration to suggest that black had lost its popularity in the years past, we’re definitely seeing an uptick in the use of black in the living spaces again. Although we feel that black works well in most colour combinations, we believe that it contrasts particularly well against white. Hence, we’re seeing a return of black-and-white walls, black furniture in the backdrop of white walls, and even black fixtures in white marble bathrooms. To add visual depth to a room, all you need is finding the right balance between black and a lighter shade.

2. Concrete accents is gaining in importance

Concrete has been popularly associated with floor designs and kitchen interiors; this is not to say that concrete can’t be used in other ways inside a living space. We have noticed that there is a growing interest among designers to utilise the unfinished look of concrete in fixtures, such as lampshades. Not just that, concrete is often used to add elegance to exposed stairs and feature walls. Total Environment homes, for example, offer customers the choice of exposed concrete stairs inside a duplex home.

3. Floral designs are making their way back inside homes

From sofa cushion covers to wallpapers to drapes to decorative paintings, floral patterns can be seen everywhere in 2019. This year, so far, we have seen many designers adopt this ageless design theme in different ways. While some have contrasted floral décor with bold colours, others have tried to play with new scales. We feel that in absence of actual flowers inside a home, floral prints and designs can spread warmth and buoyancy inside an enclosed space.

4. A mix of metals and metal finishes are at the forefront of new interior décor concepts

The trend of adding metal finishes to furniture, fixtures, knobs, faucets, and other fittings is picking up pace. Many designers are using metals like copper and brass to accent background hues inside a room. Others are using a combination of metals to bring out a contrast effect. While traditionally, metals have usually been used with all-white backgrounds or muted colours, many designers, in 2019, are not shying away from using metal with more vibrant hues as well.

5. Light layering is extensively being used to add character to interior space

Want to create the right mood at your home? A large number of designers are recommending layered lighting as a solution. Whether you’re looking at functional lighting or decorative lighting, layering can be helpful for both. Mixing different types of light fixtures inside an enclosed space, can help highlight the various aspects of a room. With a little professional help, you can completely transform the ‘look and feel’ of any space by blending ambient lights, accent lights, and/or task lights.

Trends will come and go. But, for everlasting peace of mind, you need to ensure that your home maintains the perfect balance between style and comfort. The extent of customisation possible at a home often determines this balance. Take Total Environment villas as an example. A 3D customisation tool and a dedicated team ensures that this Bangalore-based developer delivers homes that remain cosy, elegant, and stylish even after many years.

Biophilic design – The most prominent theme of 2019

We have reserved the best for the last. This year, biophilic design has emerged as one of the most sought after themes. Most designers concur that biophilic designs evoke a sense of calmness and well-being in human beings. Free-flowing spaces, a private garden, natural lighting, and natural sounds are important aspects of this design philosophy.

Whether you’re interested in a Total Environment property in JP Nagar or on Kanakapura Road, you’ll realise how this design concept has been perfected over the years, thereby, making these homes world-class. Spacious interiors, green exteriors, and the promise of a lifetime of care – there’s a lot to like about these homes.

Schedule a visit to Total Environment Windmills of Your Mind today to experience it first-hand.

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