How to Keep your Kilt Clean and Durable?

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Basically, the kilt for men is a knee length luxury dress, which appears like a skirt. Moreover, this type of dress is also demanded in the top area including northern Scotland, etc. Kilts looks like wrapping a large piece of the apron in the form of skirts below the shirt. It gives a beautiful shuttle or flower type appearance by shrouding your waist. This usually made up of wool and normally found in the checked pattered form. This specific dressing shows the forefathers and family tradition. Like other dresses, this needs the proper cleaning too. If you are wondering how to keep your kilt clean and durable? Don’t worry about that here we going to discuss about that.

Recommendation for cleaning Kilt

As this dress is considered as luxury and used mostly on special occasions. Don’t wash this dress not this but any dress too much. And using of detergent too much weaken the thread of cloth and obviously, affect the quality. Before washing this, choose the detergent wisely as this apron is normally made of soft wool. Try to have dry clean on it and only wash when it’s absolutely necessary.

How to Clean Spots or stains on your kilt?

It’s common of getting spots and stains on any type of dress but as we mentioned before kilt is made up of woolen so we have to wash it with little more care.

To wash Kilt take a clean piece of cloth and dip it in warm water. Squeeze that out and put it in light detergent or any handy soap. And rub that cloth on the stain.

You may repeat the procedure again and again but never use strong detergent to wash that satin out. After the removal of stain make sure that soap or detergent is also cleaned from the Kilt. For removing the soap you can use a wet cloth and rub that until soap is gone.

How to clean Permanent stains from kilt?

You may get some stains which are not removable easily. Though, they need special treatment, for this, you may use any special detergent which is specially manufactured from this reason you may find in the market. Or you can use remove wax or gel, this is specially formulated for wool type material.

If you take my advice, go for dry cleaning. This is one the best way to remove out permanent stains without effecting the wool material as we are not using any strong detergent in that.

If you want to stay away from stain here is a tip for you, after washing, cleaning or dry cleaning don’t press your kilt. It seems funny but it actually works.

Don’t put kilt with other goods in a bag to save it from getting dirty. As this use only a few times so it does not need to be folded with other clothes. Put it or hang it in a separate warping. Moreover, you may get any kilt cleaning service.

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