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Easy Tips To Get An Immaculate Finish

Written by Posted On Sunday, 28 July 2019 21:16

Interior decorating can be an uplifting experience which sees your home completely transform. A new, fresh colour or a touch up can make a large difference to the atmosphere at home and your scope on how comfortable you are at home.

Getting a great finish on your paint job isn’t as easy as it probably should be. There are many tricks in the trade to get an immaculate finish, but here’s a handful of those useful tips to get you started.

Invest in a tack cloth

All the painters and decorators North London based will recommend getting your hands on a cheap tack cloth. Although a very useful tool to have in your painting kit, this affordable cloth has beeswax worked into the fibres and it effectively removes sawdust, dirt and other types of debris from the surface you are about to work on.

The trick with a tack cloth is to use it on small areas such as door frames and cabinets. Experts also advise not applying too much pressure when using the cloth as some of the beeswax can seep on to the surface making life more difficult than it was to begin with.

Learn the duct tape test

Do you ever look at a wall and wonder whether you need to prepare it anymore before you begin painting? Some surfaces appear like they don’t need any further prep work before the new paint goes on but to know for definite there is a test you can conduct.

Known as the duct tape test, the idea is very much like testing for dry skin. Take a strip of duct tape and apply it to the area you want to work on. Smooth it on and then rip it back off to see what it takes off with it. If there are patches larger than tiny microscopic specks then it’s likely that the surface will need further sanding.

Save your roller for later

Time for a lunchbreak or popping out while the first coat dries? Painters and decoraters South London based use a clever solution to keep rollers prime and ready for use later on in the day.

Prevent them drying out and becoming unusable with one of two different methods. The first of which is to pop them in the freezer. Use a plastic bag to wrap the roller or paintbrush in and leave in the freezer for as long as needed, within reason. Before using again just leave enough time for the equipement to thaw out completely.

The second option for preserving your roller or paintbrush is to just wrap them up in plastic. Not as long lasting as the freezer method, this application only works if the plastic is wrapped tightly around the brush or roller. This makes them a bit more hygienic if being left in a room containing food such as a kitchen or dining room. If wrapped really tightly the rollers may still be okay tomorrow.

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