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Control Rodents with the Help of Professional Pest Control Techniques

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 30 July 2019 05:04

All of us wish to have a quaint, well-maintained garden in front of our homes, don’t we? Proper gardening, in fact, has two-fold benefits: it enhances the overall beauty of any house, apart from providing the home-owner with a nice, suitable pastime. However, any householder seriously interested in gardening has to be aware of the various methods of pest control. Infestations by varying pests, and rodents in particular, is quite common in many gardens, making rodent control an absolute necessity for maintaining a healthy, blooming garden. There are several Pest Control Canberra companies that provide professional help for controlling pest attacks.

Rodent attacks are common within the rooms of the house as well. Early detection is of crucial importance in adoption of any rodent control technique. Rodent-droppings, if present in select areas of the house (generally, in the pantries or under kitchen sinks), is a sure-shot signal that your house has a rodent infestation. These droppings generally resemble rice grains in size, and are small and black in color.

Rodents generally gain entrance into any house via any cracks in the meshing, vents that any crawl space might have, and most commonly, any holes or cracks that might have appeared in the siding. Hence, regular inspection of these areas of the house is very important in order to prevent the entry of rodents in the house.

There are specific rodent control techniques, as suggested by most top pest control companies. These techniques can be broadly divided into three parts:

Adopt sanitation methods - This measure generally helps to prevent the entry of rodents in your home. Rodents often use various places as their shelter and for hiding and nesting purposes. Removal of such sheltering places for rodents needs to be removed. Many pest control methods recommend keeping a clean, 3-feet area (entirely free of weeds) around such places. This would help in easy detection of the presence of rodents.

Build rodent-proof structures - Flat and hard surfaces generally do not allow easy entrance of rodents. As such, these rodent-proof structures need to be built to prevent rodent attacks. All places in the house where food is stored and processed need to be made rodent-proof. Portland cement mortar, masonry, metal collars and steel wool are some of the materials that can be used to plug any openings that can become a potential entrance-point for rodents.

Reduction - If rodents have already infested your house, it is of prime importance to check their growth. Trapping is the easiest way for controlling the number of rodents in the house. The wood based snap-trap is simple in its working, inexpensive and is ideally suited for this purpose.

Rodent control costs are generally measured as the sum of the costs to the householder due to rodent damage and the cost that (s) he incurs in order to control these pests. An initial investment cost is required for installing rodent-proof construction structures. Once rodent control measures are properly adopted, the costs become constant, since no additional damages are caused by these rodents.

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