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How Does a Fence Affect Your Home's Price Tag?

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 21 August 2019 00:13

Opinions vary regarding whether or not a fence increases the value of a home. Some say that a fence does add to the market price of a property, while others argue that the added cost of installation nullifies any increase in the market price of a home. Ask an expert from a Sutton fence company, however, and he’ll be the one to confirm that such a structure does help increase the value of a home for several reasons.

Here are the top reasons why a fence can increase your home’s price tag.

Buyers with Pets

Fences are an instant hit with homeowners with pets. Homes with a fenced backyard give pet dogs an extra space where they can run around and frolic, which can help them burn off their pent up energy. This is especially important for working dogs breeds who need to have their daily dose of exercise. Some pooches also need to have that extra space to prevent them from getting bored and eventually becoming destructive. A majority of those looking for homes either already have pets or are planning to adopt one in the future. A fence will definitely attract such house hunters and it will be a major factor in their decision-making.

Buyers with Small Children

More than just keep pets in an enclosed space, fences can give added security to a home. This becomes all the more important for buyers who have small children and want to keep them as safe as possible. The security that a good fence provides homes provide homeowners with small children peace of mind and most will be more than willing to pay extra for it.


Being able to enjoy lounging about in the backyard away from the prying eyes of neighbors is already a luxury in itself. Garden fences, panels and planks that are strategically designed and installed can give you your very own private area where you can relax, entertain friends or enjoy small family gatherings. You’ll even feel more secure knowing that your children and pets are playing in an enclosed area without anyone spying on them.

Blocking Unsightly Street Views

Apart from giving you privacy, fences can also function to block views that are not too pleasant such as a busy street, a zombie house or a scrap yard. Such sights are sure to kill the value of a home. Take it out the bad scenery of the equation and you are likely to save the value of your home. Another trick that you can use in conjunction with a privacy fence is to spend a little extra on landscaping. The privacy fence will make your backyard look like an enclosed garden. This can easily fetch your home thousands of dollars more above the prevailing market price.

Defining Property Border

Perhaps the simplest way that a fence can add value to a home is by defining the outline of the property. This will instantly give buyers an idea of the size of the yard and get their imagination running wild with ideas on how they can spruce up the space. Using PVC picket fences for this purpose will be cost-effective in terms of the price of the fencing material and installation cost.

Finally, the argument that the installation cost nullifies any increase in market value is flawed. Fences make the home more attractive to buyers, which will likely increase the number of offers. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume then that more buyers will be willing to spend more than what you have spent for the fence just to close on your house.

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