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5 Ways to Add Value to Your Property

Written by Posted On Friday, 23 August 2019 06:22

Are you planning to sell your house but aren't sure it will fetch good money? A few home improvements and renovations could see the value of your property shoot up by significant margins. It is worth noting, however, that not every renovation project will result in higher home value. That said, you need to assess and identify areas that will make its value increase. Here are some of the ways and areas that could see your property value go up.

1. Create a Living Space Out of the Garage

The garage is meant to keep your car safe. If you, however, aren't using your garage anymore, you can then convert it into a living space. While you may not need much to turn it into usable space, you certainly should check with the relevant authorities to see if planning permission will be required. You might, however, not need the planning permission in some areas, since this is classified as permitted development. You should not assume it's legal, though. Converting the garage into a living space could see your property value increase by about 15%.

2. Use a Side-Return Extension to Open Up the Kitchen

A side-return extension can be defined as an alley running adjacent to the kitchen in a semi-detached house. While proper planning is required to make this possible, the extension/alley creates additional space to the kitchen as well as improve the home's layout. Such an extension is mainly classified as a permitted development for as long as it is within the set conditions and limits. That said, the extension mustn't be wider than half the house's width and less than 4m high. If done well, the simple extension could see your property value increase by around 15%.

3. Merge Indoors and Outdoors with a Conservatory

This is for those that love nature. Adding a full-glazed conservatory to the house creates an extension of your house to the outdoors. Here, you get to choose between a traditional and modern style conservatory fitting your needs and lifestyle. The most significant part of the conservatory will be the glass separating indoors and outdoors. Although you can stick to double glazing (minimum permitted), you could still invest in other options including self-cleaning glass and solar control glass among others. In addition to glazing, you need to think carefully about the frame and the material to use for the same. Some of the options you can choose from include aluminium, timber, and uPVC frames. Each type of frame has its benefits and downsides, which is why you should do your due diligence first before settling on one.

4. Consider Adding a New Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most valued parts of a home. Adding an extra bathroom to your home could see your property value grow by around 5%. The project might be a costly investment, but there are several ways to save in this project. First, you should consider updating the current shower enclosure with a framed one. Framed bathroom enclosures are considerably cheaper when compared to frameless ones. A concealed shower will also cost you more to install – consider going for an exposed shower instead. You also need to think and plan carefully about sanitaryware before taking on the project. You could save some money if you went for floor-mounted sanitaryware as opposed to the pricier wall-hung models. Another tip would be to go for a bathroom suite as well as watch out for seasonal sales. You could get these at a bargain from various sales.

5. Create an Open-Plan Living Area

Creating an open-plan living area is another home remodelling project that could see your home gain in value. All you need to do is knock down the wall separating the living room and the kitchen. Many potential homeowners today prefer an open-plan living area, hence they are willing to pay more for it. Although you might take on the project yourself, using a floor plan creator or similar, it is probably best if you hired a professional. Remodelling experts know a thing or two that you probably don't know about room conversions. A side or rear extension might also come in handy if knocking a wall down isn't an option. While the process might be time-consuming and probably costly, this will see your home or real estate realise at least 5% in value gain.

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