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What Is The Best Spray Guns For Exterior House Painting?

Written by Posted On Monday, 26 August 2019 21:16

What spray gun is suitable for the exterior of houses? How to do proper maintenance after use? Let us show you some tips!

Spray gun nowadays has become a great tool in supporting projects related to art paint, household renovations and so on.

However, not all spray guns are made for the same job. Some will specialize in art paintings; some are designed for the interior surface. In this article, we'll talk about the best spray guns for exterior house paintings.

How can we choose them among many offers?

What are the features?

Spray gun will make the work faster and easier.

What types of Spray guns should we use?

Airless spray gun

The airless paint sprayer is the most popular kind when it comes to exterior house painting. They release paint by taking advantages of high air pressure, and the paint will come out from a small hole.

By that principle, this appliance promises to cover a large area with an even coat in a short time. And thanks to the pressure generated inside, the gun can handle thicker paint without using too much solvent.

People like airless sprayers because it promises a thin but perfect coverage for their houses. Moreover, it saves paint and other chemicals.

However, this kind of paint gun is only useful for a large area with few details to take care of. An airless paint sprayer cannot handle much overspray.

HVLP spray gun

HVLP means high volume and low pressure, and the name explains how it works.

Unlike airless types, HVLP paint sprayers are made for decorating details of exterior space such as trims or rails.

It makes use of pressurized air, so the coverage works on more overspray. It can produce thin layers of paint even though the result is not as slim as layers by airless sprayers.

However, HVLP works well on thin materials which cannot stand large forces from high air pressure. Air compressor is included as a part of this paint sprayer while you need an extra one when you buy other kinds of paint spray guns.

In comparison with airless sprayers, HVLP tends to waste more paint and the fluid need more solvent to dilute. However, the overall result is satisfying.

Fuji 2022 semi-Pro or Fuji 3005-T70 is bestseller at the moment. Or, you can look for more recommendations on HVLP Spray Gun blog - Our favorite reference source.

What features should we see from the best air spray gun?

Although we have identified the best types for exterior house decoration, each product will come with different specification.

To find the best out of them, we need to look for extra features.


Horsepower refers to the pressure that the spray gun can produce inside to push the paint out of the tip. The higher the horsepower, the more pressure the gun provides and the thicker layers it can paint.

Moreover, horsepower also decides the time you need to put on painting.

Length of hose

Many people take it for granted. But for exterior space, you might get into trouble if the tube is not long enough.

Depending on the size of your house, the length of hose can help you reach hidden spaces, under-balcony and more tight places.


Depending on your demand, a spray gun with a bucket, wheels, or extra parts might be more convenient for painting the outside of the house.

Wrapping ups,

More and more products will appear in the market everyday with an enhanced function. However, you do not need an expensive sprayer to create a perfect coat for your house. Let's take a look at single feature one by one and choose the best one for exterior painting.

Then you’ve got the best spray gun for exterior house paint.

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