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If you are looking for the cheapest package forwarding service that is very efficient in shipping packages across the globe with best shipping rates, then Shiptobox is the service you need because with them you can easily ship your package easily to any location across the world with no hard charges, and be ass


ured to receive your package in perfect condition.

Although there are many cheapest package forwarding services that you can trust your package with, you have to be sure of the safety of your package and if the cheapest forwarding service will give an excellent job. But to make that hassle-free for you, that's why we single-out Shiptobox from the rest as the best and cheapest package forwarding service that will deliver your package safe and sound, with no issue on the way, for a less affordable price, and they can be trusted.

What is Shiptobox?

Shiptobox is a US mail forwarding service that offers Free USA Virtual Address to everyone who loves to buy goods online from outside the country and deliver it safely to them. They are capable of moving packages across the globe with good quality, fast, reliable and secure services.

How does the Shiptobox package forwarding service work?

  • You can go to one of your favorite American online stores and find a special product that you know you can sell in your country and your store
  • Now, once you've chosen the products you want to buy, order your product from the American web store and buy for the wholesale price.
  • When checking out for your order, use the free US Shiptobox address for checkout and the STB will receive your product.
  • After that, they will repack and prepare and send it to you in your country. And you can also store your product in their warehouse and ship it directly from the US to your customer whenever you want.

How to get started with Shiptobox?

  • Once you have been redirected to their official website,, scroll down a bit until you see the Free sign up button, click on it and follow the rest procedure to start.
  • Note: once your registration is complete, they will give you a free US virtual address that you will use to shop online in an American store
  • And in case you have to receive your shipping costs before you even shop for your goods, you can follow these Shiptobox shipping costs to know the price of your shipment and receive a quote.

Will Shiptobox give me Quality for Cheaper Rate?

If this is the questions on your mind now then the answer is Yes, because giving the best to all customers is STB number one utmost priority, and they are always eager to put a smile on their customer's face.


Shiptpbox is the one out of the few cheapest package forwarding services that will give quality service with the best shipping rates to their beloved customers. And if I were you, I won't hesitate to get started with them and explore their web page to know more about how they work.

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