How to Choose the Best Fencing Styles and Materials for Your Home

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Having the right fence is very important for any house. Click here to learn how to choose the best fencing styles and materials for your home.

There is a whole lot more that goes behind setting up a fence around your property than digging post holes and implanting posts into the ground. A fence is an important asset of your property. A good fence design will secure your property while increasing its value.

Installing a fence on your property is a smart decision regardless of whether you are looking to sell the house or not. The main challenge, however, lies in choosing the right kind of fence.

Read the guide below for useful information on how you can choose the best fencing styles and materials for your home.

Consider the Purpose of Installing a Fence

For most homeowners, there’s always a particular reason as to why they might want to install a fence. Do you want to fence your dogs or kids within your yard? If so, you might want a fence that can keep them shielded within your property from the easy reach of strangers.

Is your property attracting a lot of peeping toms? If so, you need a fence that provides you with privacy from outside. Your home is your personal space and there are people who don’t want each and every passerby to have visual access to their homes.

Is a white-picket-fence part of your ideal dream home? Choosing the right fence can improve both the appearance of your property and substantial financial resale value.

Do your neighbors get to walk around on your yard? A fence is an excellent tool to establish boundaries. Some people might be intruding without realizing they’re upsetting the owner.

Many people have different reasons to want to have a fence. It’s therefore important that you figure out the main reason as to why you might need a fence.

Consider the Full Cost of Fencing

While picking from the different fencing styles, consider the cost of the fence as well as installation and maintenance costs. You want a fence that will be cost-friendly without compromising on quality.

As you factor in how much money the fence would cost, try and look into possible hidden costs in the future. A fence that cannot withstand wear and tear or possible damage from harsh weather and climatic conditions is guaranteed to cost you more money.

If you are not able to afford the fence material that you desire, then look at cheaper options. Before you do, however, reflect on if it would be better to hold off on buying the inexpensive alternative and save money until you can afford the fencing style you prefer.

Consider the Style of Your Home

Another important factor that should guide you in deciding the type of fence you need is your home’s architectural style. This will help you in selecting material and design that will work for you against those that would not.

You need to make sure the architectural design of your house correlates with the fence you want. What is the landscape style of the land your house sits on? It is important to have a good understanding of what is appropriate and what is not.

For example, picture owning a Georgian Mansion fenced by a chain-link fence. Either of the two would look completely misplaced. A brick fence in place of a chain-link fence would go well with a Georgian Mansion.

Consider the Material of the Fence

Paying for a fence for your home is not an impulse buying decision that people make. You want a fence that will be durable, stylish and with color. The material used in making the fence matters a lot.

Wooden fences, for example, evoke elegance and style. Their lifespan varies between 5 to 10 years and is biodegradable. They are, however, prone to infection by termites.

Steel fences, on the other hand, are durable. Their lifespan can also be extended through proper care and application of weather-resistant sealants.

Make a point to look up other material options such as aluminum and vinyl fences. You want a fence with prolonged longevity, budget-friendly and easy to install.

What is Your Personal Taste?

When it comes to choosing from the best fencing materials and styles, your options are abundant. Fencing materials have contrastingly different looks and styles. For example, vinyl fencing and wrought-iron fencing are both beautiful but their styles are incomparable.

Don’t be afraid to explore different fencing materials to find one that is suitable for you. Do your research from the internet and home improvement magazines. Ask for advice from an expert about some of these residential fencing style options:

Picket Fence

While most fences are installed to establish boundaries or maintain privacy, picket fences are used to improve the beauty of the property. Picket fences are styled to usher in a country feel to your house.

They go hand in hand with flowers and vines as far as looks go.

Post and Rail Fence

This fencing style is perhaps the easiest to choose from. It’s as decorative as the picket fence but allows more space because posts are joined by not more than three rails in between.

This style of fence is recommended for people who want to fence a garden or an uncultivated landscaped area.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are probably the most popular type of fencing known to most people. Most homeowners install chain link fences because they are very economical. They are also durable and less susceptible to harsh weather conditions,

Choosing the Best Fencing Styles

Choosing one from the various available fencing styles is an easy yet slightly complicated task. This is because getting the right one for your home is a critical decision for your home.

The fencing style for your home will have a strong say as far as looks are concerned. A fence will not only make your property appear aesthetically appealing; it will also add a layer of privacy as well as security.

Make sure you’re aware of what appeals to you before making your final decision. Consider your personal preferences along with the architectural design of your house.

Keep reading our blog for more tips and information on how you can improve the look of your home.


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