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Smart Home Upgrade Ideas For A Smart Generation

Written by Posted On Sunday, 08 September 2019 21:55

With the changing times, the concept of home décor is also undergoing a distinct evolution. Many of today’s homes are smart – decked up with elements that save precious time, energy, and effort.

Keeping our needs in mind, it is important to complement and maintain pace with the fast-moving lifestyle of this smart generation.

To upgrade your home to a smart one, you can install the following smart devices.

  • Security cameras

Security cameras are not luxuries; these are basic necessities in today’s time - especially for working parents who leave their children home alone at times or in the care of a babysitter. Security cameras are necessary for peace of mind, allowing you to keep an eye on the activities of children and also the person who has the responsibility of looking after the home.

  • Motion sensors

If you are a pet owner, this is especially beneficial for you. At times we have to leave our pets at home alone, so motion sensors become really handy. Those mischievous lovable beings venture into places that they are not supposed to when you are not around. So the sensors detect anything suspicious and alert the owner. Other than motion they can sense flooding, smoke and carbon monoxide. This can prevent potential disaster or harm.

  • Window shades

Shades are better than curtains for creating an easy-breezy look. Windows with motorized shades are gaining immense popularity today since these are very easy to use. Smart curtains can add color and vibrancy to interiors and can also be automated to function according to time of day or to different conditions, such as temperature and light.

With a careful smart motorized shades comparison, you can choose the best one for your home.

  • Internet accessibility

We can’t imagine life without internet now. It is one of the most important components of our daily lives. Whether preparing a presentation for your office, or just watching videos for fun, home internet is a must. A Wi-Fi enabled home is a smart and intelligent home.

  • Thermostat

Home is the place where we seek all comfort. The AC or room heaters need continuous adjustments and monitoring. Opt for an automated thermostat, and you won’t have the trouble of regulating the temperature constantly throughout the day. The smart thermostats can be connected to Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • Choice of lights

Smart lights do not only create a glamorous look but are also energy efficient. Choosing CFL and LEDs are also budget-friendly. There is one more perk of installing these smart lights. For the time we feel too lazy to put off the lights we can do this with one touch in the mobile screen!

  • Smart kitchen

The kitchen space is generally smaller, so the idea is to make utmost use of the available space. Modular kitchens help a lot in saving space and they look stylish and stunning. The smart appliances add a cherry to the top.

  • Video doorbell

There is no harm is being a little extra cautious. Video door security cameras are easy to install and they are very effective. The live streaming can be directly seen from your mobile phones, so these are easy to monitor.

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