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Princeton is one of the premier locations in the continental United States. Not only does it cater to students and researchers at Princeton University, but it also offers a wonderful setting for those looking for a quality life and even those wanting to raise a family. Princeton is one of the highest-rated cities when it comes to different factors of a standard of living such as education, crime and safety, infrastructure, and entertainment.

With a population of almost 25000 residents, the city offers a small-town feeling while having easy access to major cities like Philadelphia and New York, which are just an hour’s drive away! Due to this proximity to such major cities, Princeton is an area of interest for families and businesses alike.

This article will dive into detail on all the above qualities and prove why Princeton just might be one of the best places to live.


The city got its name in 1724 when the first house was built there by James Leonard, who called the town ‘Princetown’ when referring to it in his diary. The name went through changes over the years, one of which was ‘Prince’s Town’ until it was finally changed to Princeton and stayed that way. Legend has it the town was named after King William III, Prince William of Orange of the House of Nassau, although there is no historical evidence pointing to this.

The land used to be inhabited by the Lenni Lenape Native Americans until European settlers arrived in the late 17th Century. Shortly after the town establishment, the College of New Jersey was founded, which is known today as Princeton University, an educational haven for the country’s intellectual elite.

The city also played a huge role in the American Revolution as the site of the Battle of Princeton, where George Washington forced the British to evacuate the city. With the passage of time, Princeton continued to play a huge role in the governance and economics of the country. Because of the proximity to New York and Philadelphia, the town was an important economic hub during both the stagecoach and railway era.


Princeton is considered a small city and has a tight-knit community. You’re bound to run into somebody you know every five minutes, and being a resident of the city, you’re going to be on a first-name basis with a lot of people.

However, it’s very fortunate for residents that New York and Philadelphia are so close by. Economic opportunities are just an hour’s train ride away, and anyone looking for the hustle and bustle of a large city can easily find it while living in Princeton.


One of the biggest factors one takes into consideration when choosing a new home is the crime and safety statistics. Luckily, Princeton comes out with flying colours in this regard. Not only does Princeton have the lowest crime rates in New Jersey, but the Crime Index is also nearly half of the nationwide average.

Most crimes have to do with petty theft and violent crimes are almost non-existent. As per recent statistics, there were only 22 reported incidents of “violent crimes” in Princeton, 16 of which were assaults and the rest were robberies. It should be noted that the national average for assaults is 286 incidents a year and 136 incidents of robbery. In comparison, Princeton is one of the safest cities in the country.


Princeton is not popular among families with children just because of the low crime rate and safety factor the city has to offer, but also because of the education system. Public schools in Princeton are regulated by the Princeton Regional School System and they have truly done an amazing job in fulfilling their mandate.

The graduation rate in Princeton is significantly higher than the national average with Princeton High School having a graduation rate of 95 per cent. Aside from public schools, there are also several private schools that have gained national recognition for quality education.

There are four elementary schools - Community Park, Johnson Park, Riverbrook, and Riverside. Witherspoon Middle School is the only middle school in the area and feeds to Princeton High School. Lastly, there’s the Princeton Charter School which offers education to students from kindergarten to the 8th grade, but admission to Princeton Charter is based on a lottery system, so the exclusivity is based on luck more than any other factor.

Finally, there’s the crown jewel! Princeton University, one of the leading institutes not only of the country but the world. It has been Alma matter to many prominent businessmen, politicians, and scientists, and the researchers of Princeton University have made a significant contribution to various fields of science.

The University is also home to Princeton University Art Museum, which houses more than 100,000 works of art from various cultures around the world. Entry is free for the public and many prominent works of art have a permanent home at the Museum or are displayed routinely through exhibitions and unveilings.


Other than the Museum, which in itself is a truly wonderful educational experience, there’s a lot to do in Princeton. There’s a lot of shopping options, ranging from independent retailers to large designer brands. Nassau Street is a popular shopping destination and has a lot of interesting shopping options.

Due to it being a small city and being located close to Stony Brook, the wilderness in the area is relatively untouched and hiking is a popular pastime. The parks are well maintained and have a lot of activities, including an amphitheatre.

The nightlife may not include a lot of clubs, but there’s no shortage of bars, restaurants, and other entertainment shows. Comedy clubs and music shows are a frequent sighting and you’re bound to find something that takes your fancy!


Princeton truly is one of the best places to live and raise a family. We hope the above makes a convincing case to help you with your decision if you’re looking for a new home. The real estate market in Princeton is quite economical when compared with the amenities the city has to offer. To find a home, get in touch with Callaway Henderson

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