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Why Is Sewer Inspection Important For Home Buyers?

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 11 September 2019 14:45
sewer camera inspection sewer camera inspection

Typically, inspections are a part of the home buying process. Unfortunately, potential buyers often overlook an important system, the sewer line.

When you get a traditional home inspection, it does not usually involve inspecting the sewer line or plumbing system as a whole. The only way to have your plumbing inspected is to hire a plumber to perform a sewer camera inspection. Affordable plumbers can give you assurance that the cost of performing sewer video inspection is totally worth it!

Sewer Repairs Can Be Costly

There are situations when weeks after getting a dream home, buyers find out that there are issues with their sewer lines or plumbing system. It is time consuming, messy, and inconvenient to repair the sewer line on your own. Hiring a professional for sewer repair can cost an average of $5,000 or even up to $20,000 if the problem is on the street.

Denver Plumber Sewer Experts have experiences with many home buyers who buy a newer home assuming there will be no plumbing issues. A home buyer had purchased a home that was built less than 10 years ago and already needed a sewer line replacement service. With the help of sewer inspection services we found out that their sewer line was cracked in multiple spots because the home construction company did a poor job installing the sewer lines properly. Even with newer sewer lines things can go poorly. Camera sewer inspections can show clogged drains or sewers damaged by tree roots so your local plumber can come up with an affordable and quick solution.

Other Plumbing Issues

Experienced home buyers almost always have sewer lines inspected before the decision is made. But there are also different plumbing issues that you should be aware of. For example, all kinds of leaks can cause water damage. It is recommended by professional plumbers to inspect the area near the toilet and make sure floors don’t feel soft.

There can be lots of issues with incorrectly installed water pipes or clogged drains if the sewer system is not inspected. You should check all of the faucets and sinks to make sure there are no visible problems. Sewer Experts suggest to let the water run for a few minutes to ensure it drains quickly. If the water drains slowly, the property may require a drain cleaning service or there could be more serious issues with sewer and water pipes.

Buying a home is a costly process and a huge investment. It is always recommended to take time to inspect the sewer line and plumbing system so you can save on future sewer repair and replacement.

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