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How 1 Framingham Fence Installation Company Helped Hundreds of Realtors

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 18 September 2019 02:37

Does a fence increase the value of a home? While the answer to this question is debatable, real estate agents agree that fences do a good job at increasing the desirability of a home. Take one Framingham fence company, Nelson Fence Co. for example. Realtors in the city agree that fences help sell homes. Since this established Massachusetts fence expert have installed quite a number of fences in the city, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that they may also have helped hundreds of Framingham realtors sell properties.

So what is it about fences that make houses more desirable for house-hunters? The following shows the top reasons how fences help realtors sell homes.

1. Fences Provide a Layer of Security

Safety is one of the major concerns of families and a fence simply tells uninvited individuals to stay back. With a fence surrounding your property, the added obstacle is sometimes enough to make would-be intruders think about approaching a home. One survey also suggests that a fence is one of the top features that millennials want in a home. Naturally, homes on the market with a fence will be more attractive for prospective homebuyers compared to homes that don’t have one.

2. Fences Keep Pets and Children Safer

A backyard with a fence will be a safer playground for children. It’s that simple. Families with small children will naturally gravitate towards homes with a fence not only for the security of their home, but to give their children a safer outdoor area where they can play. Families with pets also prefer homes with fences to keep their little furry friends from straying and wandering off.

3. Fences Give You More Privacy

For privacy, most people will definitely prefer a tall privacy fence to drawn curtains. Privacy fences afford you the luxury of relaxing on your backyard patio on a lazy afternoon, away from the prying eyes of your neighbors and strangers. Privacy fences will also help dissuade would-be intruders even more because they can’t visually stake out the inner layout and they can’t be sure if anyone is at home. Parents can feel more secure with their kids playing in the yard surrounded by a privacy fence because they know that no predator is spying on them. Again, fences help realtors sell homes for this reason.

4. Fences Add Aesthetic Value to a Home

In simpler words, fences can make a home look prettier. Wrought iron fences, wood, vinyl and composites, can dramatically enhance the look of a home, making it appear more luxurious. Not only will a fence in this sense, help sell a home but it can help raise its value as well.

5. Fences Define Borders

With fences in place, even chain link or hedges, potential buyers will get a better idea of the size of the property. Fences have a definitive way of letting buyers know what they’re getting for their money. Such visual information may just be enough to convince prospective buyers to make an offer.

These are just a few of the many reasons how a Framingham fence experts may have helped hundreds of realtors. If you have placed your property on the market and offers are hard to come by, you may want to seek out a reputable fence installer for advice. A fence may just be what you need to get more house-hunters to look at your property.

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