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10 Genius DIY Home Decor designs You Will Fall in Love with!!

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 18 September 2019 23:40

Everyone wants to have an exceptionally decorated space. Imagine creating an impressive DIY decor that leaves your family and friends wondering how you did it. It can make your home feel even more like home by incorporating your unique touch to your queen bed frame.

Sadly, it can sometimes be expensive to redecorate a home. You want to call it your beautiful place, however, you don't want to go bankrupt in the process. Without excellent home decor, it can be shameful to have your colleagues come over because of the way your home looks.

Fortunately, there is a solution for that – Do-It-Yourself projects. DIY is more than just rubbing paint on the wall. It's all about home accessories and positioning. You're going to want to try these ideas when you're searching for some fascinating and unique designs. The moment you see them, you will fall in love with them.

Maybe you've been considering adding some fresh ambiance to your home for years. However, you won't have any excuse for these DIY projects. Save your cash for important stuff and beautifully decorate your home with minimal cost.

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DIY Decorating Techniques

If you would like to make your home look incredible without spending lots of money, the first thing you must do is forget everything you saw on your Instagram and TV. Whenever the designers do a makeover on TV, they do it almost as expensive as possible. They toss everything out from the current space, invest in high-end replacements, and hire contractors to build them.

If you want to redo a space on a budget, you need to view it differently. Your objective is to maintain as much as you can instead of changing everything. It includes looking for ways to make your outdated stuff look new. In that way, you should aim to use things you already have or can pick up secondhand items instead of purchasing brand new products. Instead of hiring professional help, you can do it on your own. Here are ten DIY home décor designs that you'll surely love:

1. Use a Ladder in Decoration

Ladders have practical purposes, but did you know that they can function with home decoration as well? Get a plain pure white ladder; it works with every space and every decor. You can also go for wooden ladders to work with contemporary, rustic, and other types of decoration.

Using a blanket, cloth, or even patterned outdoor rugs on one of the ladders is one of the easiest ways to incorporate the ladder as decorative. When you're choosing a white sheet, ensure it has a touch of color. Black dots, a tiny shape in one area, and other similar features that will attract some eyes to the blanket.

2.   Chalkboard Walls Can Small Spaces Feel Bigger

Place a chalkboard paint wherever you can paint. It can work fantastic for rooms for kitchens and children's rooms. Just be careful not to stain your natural latex mattress. Since these paints are magnetic, it can provide you with more creative possibilities. Turn an untapped nook in your residence into a tiny home office with a chalkboard wall.

Blackboard walls can make the room look more significant for a desk made of stainless steel and a most comfortable sofa. What's the best part? All the furniture appears to vanish into the dark corner, making the small space feel much more abundant.

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3. Splash some gold in your flower pot

Give your house a luxurious look by spraying ordinary flower pots with metallic gold. It can add an elegant design to any home or apartment.

Everything will look better and expensive if they're in reflected and metallic colors, which can also incorporate in flower pots. All you have to do is look for metallic spray paints such as gold, silver, bronze or any other metallic pot colors. Be ready to make a sparkly mess around you.

4. Use Wooden Pallets for Shelving

Do-It-Yourself is all about transforming something wasted and normal into unique and usable. Useful and lovely improvements can be made in any home space. For instance, wooden pallets can be broken down not only for firewood but also for shelving. Adding these kinds of DIY can brighten up your space and surprise you with what it can bring.

The way you incorporate them into your space will rely on your specific taste. Maintaining the wood in its color, probably sanded and lacquered to prevent splitting, will serve a rustic, outdoor design within your home. Moreover, to add color inside the house, you can also paint the wood.

One of the best elements of this DIY is that you'll have a functional item in your home. You can also use this as paperwork racks, decorations, toys for children, and more.

5. Hang Vases Around Your Home

Who said vases had to stay on the window ledge or coffee table? You can hang flowers around your home with the right vase style. For practical use, you generate more shelving room, but you can still add something lovely and ornamental throughout the house.

Give your DIY skills some practice by creating vases out of old bottles. You can use all types of containers in your home, but make sure they're glass for the best results. The old-school green bottles are a great way to add a vintage look to the home décor. Use string to hang up and add in your favorite flowers.

6. Change cupboard door handles

Give kitchen units a playful upgrade to a fresh design by switching cupboard handles with drawer handles. In a Shaker-style kitchen, cup handles and simple door handles fit well. Bar handles just now are also quite common and will match any contemporary kitchen system.

7. Repaint your chairs

If you have your simple dining room chairs or your wooden bar stool, you can paint them for a whole fresh look. Hot pink makes a statement, while white or pale pastels polish up your furniture with a more muted look.

8. Upcycle furniture that's past its best

If you're planning to take out well-worn furniture out, you think should think about it first. Try a different look to see if you can upcycle it.

If you have a full wardrobe, you can give it a new look with a few wallpaper and glass panels. A coat of paint or varnish or new upholstery are other easy ideas to do in a neglected piece.

9. Transform a Basket into a Nightstand

This creative bedside table DIY project includes a compact geometric waste bin that does not look too bulky in a tiny room. To produce a usable end table, attach a plank of wood to the top. The whole DIY project could cost about $30, which is much less costly than purchasing a store-bought nightstand.

10. Feature Your Instagram Feed on a Wall

If you're proud of your cohesive Instagram feed, why not display it out onto the wall of your room? Surprisingly, this project doesn't need nails or hammers. By directly printing out your favorite pictures, you can build a uniformly spaced Instagram grid right after your memory foam mattress. You can add various washi tape patterns for more splash of colors.

Concluding Thoughts

Not all cash in the world can substitute the beauty of a handcrafted decor piece. A do-it-yourself decoration enables you to personalize your home, apartment, condo, or room. It transforms your space on a budget without having a full-scale remodel. Reassess your kitchen with thoughts of remodeling if you want to tackle larger DIY projects.

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