A Sight for Sore Eyes: How to Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal on a Budget

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Does your homes' exterior look drab and dreary? It's time to act! Here's how to improve your home's curb appeal on a budget.

One of the top factors that will help you sell your home fast is a strong curb appeal. Your buyer's first impression of your home starts with the outside.

Are you looking to improve your curb appeal on a budget? Not to worry! In this guide, we'll go over how to update your home's exterior.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

Add Flowers and Greenery

A simple way to add flair to the outside of your home is to buy some window boxes and planters. Pick out seasonal flowers to plant in your boxes. Add some potted plants on your front stoop next to a new welcome mat.

Hang bright flower baskets at the entryway to draw attention to the front door.

Maintain Your Lawn

Lawn care is a significant part of keeping up a stunning property. You'll want to rake leaves, pull weeds, and mow your grass often.

Keep the lawn well-watered so you don't get brown spots. If you keep up with it on a regular basis, you won't have a massive project every weekend.

If you have plenty of trees around your property, you'll want to rake all the leaves by the end of fall. Otherwise, leaves can rot and damage the grass throughout the winter.

Paint or Replace Your Front Door

If your front door looks faded, consider painting it a brighter color. This project is an easier one that you can do — even if you're a beginner.

Pick a bold color that accentuates the other colors of the exterior of your home. Hold up a swatch before you paint the door, so you can imagine the end product.

Replacing doors will help increase your curb appeal. A fresh new door will stand out and look sharp. If it's warped or letting moisture in, you might want to consider getting a new front door.

Buy Lighting for the Entryway

Do you have a dark entryway? Consider brightening it up with a hanging pendant or sconce. Clear off any debris or cobwebs around outdoor light fixtures. For fun, add some porch string lights.

Go for a Symmetrical Look

Place plants on either side of your front door or pick up matching wall lanterns. Symmetrical patterns are pleasing to the eye and make your home look organized.

If you don't have a large entryway, add these items around your garage door.

Update Your Mailbox

Get a more stylish mailbox by refreshing your old one. It's not a challenging project to complete, and it will improve the look of your home. The cost for this project depends on if you have an attached mailbox or a standing one.

Check Your Gutters

Deep clean your gutters and get rid of any debris. Scrub the outside until they look brand new. If gutters start to overflow, the vinyl siding can stain.

Constant water in your gutters can cause corrosion. You may see orange rust stains on the side of your house from water leakage. If you keep the gutters clear, water can drain well. 

Decorate Your Front Door

You can pick out a wreath for your front door for any season. Find a year-round wreath to add a bit of color and decor. You can find ones made from preserved greens or flowers.

You can also buy ones made from fake plants. If it's fall, hang garland around the exterior. During the winter season, add a string of lights to your garland.

Renew the Number of Your House

Add flair to your home by replacing your old house number with a new font. You can play around with this and change it so it grabs the eye. This job won't take a long time to do, and it isn't difficult.

Deep Clean with a Power Washer

Wash off grime and dirt from your walkway, driveway, and siding with a power washer. This will make things look new again. If you don't own a power washer, head to a local hardware store and rent one there.

This is a straightforward project that is worth the effort.

Repair Around the House

Make a list of projects, and work your way through them. Fix chipped paint or replace burnt-out bulbs. Take a walk around your home and write down the unfinished jobs. Call a professional to complete the tasks.  

Create a Groomed Path

A tidy path to your home appears put-together and inviting. Consider building one out of brick or stone.

You can line the way to your door with plants or lighting if you already have a concrete walkway. Pick up some solar-powered pathway lights.

Make the Most of Outdoor Furniture

Try not to clutter your veranda or yard with too much outdoor furniture. Pick out pieces that will compliment the color of your home.

If you have a smaller yard, consider using ceramic stools for seating. You can set up a small table with a pot filled with flowers.

Door Hardware

For something different, change the color of your door handle. You can pick a contrasting color or something that matches your house. If you want to add something fun and old-fashioned, pick up a door knocker!

Curb Appeal on a Budget

We hope you found this guide on updating the exterior of your home helpful. Make a list of what you'll need to update your curb appeal on a budget.

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