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Basic Information about Toilets Clogs and How to How to Fix It

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We make use of our toilets daily without giving them any proper attention. But if something goes wrong with the toilet, we would notice it almost immediately. Many homeowners fear to have an overflowing or clogged toilet. However, they don’t realize until it happens to them.

A clog can cause severe damage to your toilet and also create a massive budget for your plumbing. However, note that not all clogs are the same.

What are the causes of toilet clogs?

These are the most unwanted happening that can take place in your bathroom. They make the bathroom messy and inconvenient, especially for your visitors. Most homeowners think that clogs are caused by waste, But several other factors can cause a clog in your toilet.


1. Toys and other objects that can easily cause blockage

 2. Low flow of water

 3. Dumping too much waste at a time

 4. Blocked pipes

 5. Sewer line issues


Once clogging takes place in the toilet, there are quick actions to take before it gets out of hand. Try these few steps; the steps are explained in the next paragraph:

  1. 1. Block the overflow
  2. 2. Make use of a plunger
  3. 3. Try using an enzyme cleaner
  4. 4. Buy a toilet auger
  5. 5. Then call a plumber

1. Block the overflow

An overflow is hazardous in the home and can create panic. It can cause severe damage to your home, walls, and floors if eventually, the water seeps into them. As soon as the water starts overflowing, remove the lid off the toilet, and ensure that the flapper is taking off more water from getting into the bowl. Then, turn off the water source. Ensure that it doesn’t flow back into your tank.

Note that this should be taken care of because of bacteria. Clean it up with a mop as soon as possible. But, if your toilet is not overflowing, there is no need to take this step.


2. Make use of a plunger

Many homeowners are used to plunging their toilets. But what matters most is the kind of plunger to use. Plungers having like a cup shape at the end don’t work well on toilets because they don’t create any suction. A flange plunger is the best. It looks like the sink plunger, but it has a lip at the end, making it easy to dip it right into the pit or drain to make good suction. This helps to clear the clog quickly.


3. Try using an enzyme cleaner

Try a different method if plunging is not working. Though using a liquid chemical cleaning products are not supported by professionals, because they can worsen the situation of your plumbing than good. Therefore, a more natural solution is an enzyme cleaner. These can work best if natural waste materials cause a clog. Toilet enzymes cleaner can be gotten at any local plumbing shop around you. Though, note that this is not a quick method, because many enzymes cleaner stays overnight before clearing clogs.


4. Buy a toilet auger

If this still doesn’t work, then it might be time to get a toilet auger. The lines can smoothly go down the drain because of its shape and flexibility and instantly clear off anything causing the blockage.


5. Then call a plumber

If you tried using these methods and the clog is still not cleared, then, it means you have to locate a plumber. Maybe the issue is more than what you think. The clog might be deep inside the pipe, or there might be an obstruction in the sewage line. A professional plumber will discern the issue efficiently and profer the best solution.


Time to replace your toilet

Note that some of the clogs you might experience are caused because your toilet might be old and has low water run. Note that you can manage this condition by making use of lesser toilet papers. However, repeated clogs might be very tiresome to deal with. So, replacing your toilet is the best option. This begins by removing your old toilet. Note that the replacement cost depends on your choice of a toilet. Elongated toilet bowls are more expensive than round toilet bowls. So your spending is dependent on the style of the toilet you want.

To round up, no one prays for a clog to happen in the home. This information is, however, useful in case it occurs. Carefully follow the steps to clear off the clog in your toilet and get your bathroom back in order before your next visitor shows up to your home.

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