Facts New Homeowners Should Know About Their Bathrooms

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If you are moving into a new home for the first time, you might probably discover that you would encounter more questions than answers. Whether the home is newly built or a home you need to upgrade you might start to wonder where to start from.

Bathrooms are one of the essential parts of the home; this is what many individuals go to inspect first before moving in. Bathrooms have elements like plumbing and electrical that would need some professionals to work on. If you are a new homeowner, here are a few things you need to know about the bathrooms in your home.

1. Restructure your Bathroom

As you may discover, it is quite expensive to have a home. Especially if the home is newly purchased. Some bathrooms might require just a little change while some could call for a total restructuring. It is recommended that new homeowners should remodel their bathrooms just like how they can afford.

If you are planning to restructure your bathroom, whether it's small or big, you will need to have a budget. The minimum cost of restructuring a bathroom is about $8,000, though many homeowners end up spending between $6,000 and $9,000 depending. Note that many factors can change your cost of restructurings, such as the kind of upgrades you have in mind and the size of the bathroom. Put this at the back of your mind while planning for the project.

2. Adopt Energy Efficacy

Energy efficacy is a must-have when it comes to bathroom restructuring. Many older homes tend to waste lots of water and energy than supposed. These waste could be from:

1. Faucets
2. Showerheads
3. Toilets
4. Lighting


Replacing older items in the bathrooms can make a big difference in your bathroom, especially in your utility bills. Endeavour to begin with these old items. It is a budget-friendly method of upgrading a bathroom. Mind you that you will need the help of a professional for your plumbing and electrical issues.

3. Replacement or Refinishing of Bathtub

You may notice that the bathtub in your new home is outdated. But before going ahead to replace it, think of refinishing the bathtub. This is because refinishing is cost-effective. Follow this guide to decide on the right step to take.

  1. 1. Refinish: this means the tub is outdated or worn out but still in good condition but timeless colour like white.
  2. 2. Replace: This means the tub is seriously damaged and in a hue such as having a green and pink colour.

The cost to refinish a bathtub is much lesser than replacing it. Though this is still dependent on what you need, refinishing could be more budget-friendly.

4. Remove Moulds and Mildew

A bathroom contains more moisture amongst every other room in the home. So it is very important to start fighting moulds and mildew as soon as you move into the house. Give the bathroom a good scrub; wipe down the walls and tiles, get into all the small cracks where necessary. If you think of including a fan in your bathroom, you can, depending on your budget.

5. Integrate Your Style

Having your home decorated to your taste is a lovely thing. Always make decor changes and upgrades that suit your taste. If you think of selling your home after a few years, then make it appealing to you while you are in it. The home should be about you first, before considering anyone else.

Conclusively, owning a home is an exciting thing. But you can be confused immediately you begin renovations and replacements. Do plenty of research and hire budget-friendly professionals to help you fix all your issues; especially when it comes to plumbing and electrical issues.

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