How to Find the Best Insulation Company

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Your Home is the biggest investment you have. You don’t want to put it in the hands of unqualified fly by night contractors but you’ll have to hire a company from its “approved contractors” list to do the work.

Do the insulation contractors offer free assessments?

Most insulation companies offers free home insulation assessments. When looking for the top insulation companies in your area, ask about free home insulation assessments. Most reputable insulation contractors provide free consultations. If you find a company that doesn’t, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will do a bad job insulating your home, but it’s something to keep in mind!

Do the insulation contractors have good resources?

A good insulation company wants to inform you and help you learn more about maximizing your home’s energy efficiency. Top insulation companies usually have some sort of resource that can help you learn more about insulation, whether it’s a informational website, blog, exceptional customer service center, etc.

Is the insulation company certified and insured?

Top insulation companies are certified and insured – no ifs, ands or buts. You should always make sure you ask the insulation company if they are certified and insured before they begin any work in your home. If something goes wrong during the project and the insulation contractor is not insured, you could be in trouble!

Anybody can stuff fiberglass into the underside of a floor BUT in order to insulate correctly it takes a trained expert. Pieces must be precisely cut to fit inconsistent framing. It must be carefully fit around plumbing and HVAC lines.

Before paying, check that all cracks were sealed as agreed upon, that the amount of insulation added matches the proposal, and that loose-fill insulation was applied evenly. Also, make sure the crew has cleaned up the area.

Top insulation companies install more than just one type of insulation. Offering only one material is extremely limiting, as a particular type of insulation may be suitable for one area of your home but not for another.

If hard to reach areas or difficult areas are skipped or missed the rest of the insulation becomes useless. When it comes to spray foam- unqualified and unprofessional companies can put your home and lives at risk. Our spray foam technicians actually manufacture the foam on site. The machinery settings, application and safety measures must be exact every time. It takes a lot of practice and training to become a professional insulator. Don’t trust your home and your family’s health to just anybody. Hire a professional to ensure your home is in good hands.

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