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Essential Furniture That You Must Rent For Your New Home

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Are you planning to move to a new home very soon? Whether it's a condo, studio apartment or a house – moving to a big new place is usually a milestone. You can transform your empty new space into a homely place to live in and to do that, you don't need to have everything fully furnished. In rushing things, it's easy to lose track and buy stuff you don't really need much only to trash them a year later; hence you should take some time to decide and compile a list of the required furniture first. Here are some tips for you on the essential furniture that you must rent for your new place to make that a home.

Furnishing your entire home isn’t really a very pocket-friendly affair, and if you have already spent a significant amount for your lease, things will be more challenging to manage. That’s the reason you must focus on functionality rather than aesthetics when preparing your list.

Functional furniture: If you think of the functional aspect, it will become easier to decide what furniture you should prioritize. The most basic functions you want to look for are as follows-

  • Sleeping arrangement
  • Drawing room arrangement for guests
  • Storage space for stuff
  • Kitchen utilities and dinner table utensils
  • Workspace arrangement
  1. Bedroom: This is the place where you’d rest after a hectic day, so you don’t want to compromise your quality of sleep. At the same time, it’s not necessary to rent the most expensive piece of mattress that may feel great but won’t last long. So, select one which is reasonably comfortable, yet sturdy enough to be your companion for a more extended period. For the frame, it’s not really necessary if you’re tight on budget – so choose something simple and minimalistic if you really want one. 
  1. Drawing room: Considering the functionality, you’d need a large enough couch to make a sitting arrangement for a few guests. Do not go for leather-wrapped or a similar pricey item which could break your bank to rent, and will be more hassle to maintain. A center table to put some snacks and drinks would be necessary too. Nowadays, TV is a wall hanging item usually, so you won’t need a tv-table obviously.
  1. Kitchen and dinner table: Shopping for kitchen items is a bliss for most women, and you’re probably not an exception. This is the section where you want to hold yourself back and think about only the most necessary things while renting. You won’t need three spatulas and for a home with four members, so get only the minimum quantity of everything. If you’re expecting guests frequently in your new home, you can always rent some more, but what necessary is to start with what you can’t do without. For example, you want to have a coffeemaker, microwave, some utensils of different sizes and purposes, and a cupboard on rent, and that would be good to start with. For dinner table, you have to make a calculated guess of how many guests you are usually expecting regularly, and select the size based on that. A table that can accommodate ten people comfortably would certainly cost more to rent than a table of six people. Similarly, rent your table utensils according to your number of guests; however, as mentioned already, you can start with minimum and buy some more items later as needed.

  1. Storage space: Storage space is a tricky section, and here you’ll have a dilemma to choose between saving space or saving some bucks. If the storage space in your new home is not large enough, then you have to buy some modern folding furniture which would serve more purpose, and save space at the same time – but that will cost you more to rent such furniture. But if you have ample area, you can go for conventional items that would be more cost-saving. You should check some hanging storage furniture that would save some space, and would be more affordable to rent. In case you really have a lack of space in your home, you can check third-party storage space for rent in your nearby place for everything you don’t need every day – depending on your area, there should be multiple to select from as per your budget.

Take your time to make things right: Moving to a new home is no small decision. There are more important things than furniture to focus on like the type of neighborhood, next-door people, new school, everyday transport facility, etc. Therefore, you can only go for the bare minimum furniture while moving and start renting more things gradually once settled in your new place.

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