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5 Crucial Steps for Becoming a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 22 October 2019 02:50

Are you interested in becoming a commercial real estate agent, but aren't sure what your next move should be. Learn five crucial steps you'll need to take.

Are you interested in becoming a commercial real estate agent?

Real estate is always a promising sector full of great career opportunities. Working in commercial real estate is a completely different beast; you'll have to learn a lot about zoning policies and other obstacles in buying and developing commercial land.

Although the end-game is very different, a commercial real estate agent will start off in the exact same spot as a residential one. In this post, we'll walk you through the steps that you have to take to become a commercial real estate agent so you can start your new career and build your brand.

1. Learn Requirements & Take Courses

To become a commercial real estate agent, most states will require you to obtain a license and a few years of experience as an agent. Each state is a little bit different in their requirements, but you'll typically have to be of age, live in the state that you're applying in, and pass a broker's license exam.

Start with taking the required prelicensing courses. These will, again, differ from state to state, but will involve between 60 or more hours of classroom work to learn about property law, mortgages, financing, and contracts. You'll likely have the option of taking the course online or in a classroom.

2. Pass Exams & Get Licenses

To take the state's real estate licensing exam, you'll first have to pass a prelicensing test after your coursework is completed. You can register for this exam through your state's real estate commission. It'll be a number of multiple-choice questions pertaining to your knowledge of national and state real estate practices.

After you've successfully passed the examination, which takes around 2 hours, you can take it to the state's real estate website and apply for a license.

3. Choose Your Market

The biggest decision you'll have to make is where you'll be operating. Every city has a need for commercial and residential real estate agents, but some are already saturated with real estate businesses. 

You may want to put some consideration into this before you start taking courses and exams. There could be better job prospects for you out of state, so don't lock yourself into your current state before you've done research on this.

Come up with a business plan while you're at it. Things like bespoke property development and flexible housing are growing trends in the real estate market.

4. Gain Experience

There are a couple of ways to go about gaining experience towards becoming a commercial real estate agent. All states will require at least a year of real estate agent experience before you can become a commercial broker.

Starting in the residential sector is a faster and easier way to gain experience before moving onto the commercial sector. Knowing that you're eventually going to be a commercial broker, make sure that the market you choose has a good commercial region.

5. Build Your Commercial Brand

In both residential and commercial real estate, brand building is really important. In addition, a strong network of allies in the real estate world can help you as you launch your business. 

Build an optimized web page that has a really strong real estate blog, then build your social media following. You may want to start making real estate videos to give your clients a behind the scenes look at what you do, which will also build your brand. 

People and businesses want to work with someone that comes off as a dedicated professional, so ensure that you're pushing your brand in that direction.

Start Your Career As a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Although it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, the steps to becoming a commercial real estate agent are actually quite simple. Start researching markets and enroll in your state's best real estate course today to get the ball rolling on your new career.

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