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Great Chimney Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Home In Top Shape

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 22 October 2019 03:00

Taking a look at some great tips and chimney maintenance techniques to help make sure your home's chimney is ready for lighting that winter fireplace.

Fireplaces turn up the heat on the value of a home. In fact, 80% of surveyed real estate agents agree that having one adds up to $4,999 to the sale price. 

All the more reason to treat your chimney like a shrine in your home. Proper chimney maintenance protects you and your investment. 

Chimney cleaning helps keep the flow of smoke and dangerous toxins from settling in the home. Removing creosote during maintenance prevents fires as well. This residue, created by wood combustion, has flammable qualities. 

And if it's not swept out as often as possible, the end result is damage to your home. 

Also, a clean chimney saves you money on repairs. The more you clean it, the less wear and tear there is on the components of the chimney.

Help make sure your home's chimney is ready for lighting the fireplace this winter. Read these great tips on chimney maintenance techniques. 

Chimney Maintenance Starts with Securing the Flue 

During warmer months, chimneys become nesting grounds for small animals—birds and squirrels. Leaves, flowers, and small tree limbs and branches present a problem as well.

They all collect and cluster in your chimney's flue. And if it goes unnoticed and neglected, the next time you light a fire, it won't be a pretty sight.

Be proactive. Something as simple as a chimney cap can save you thousands in potential damage. Or the use of a fireplace damper to seal the chimney shut when you're not using it.

If you don't want to spend the money. Use what you have around the house. Take some chicken wire and stretch and net it around the flue. This should allow for uncomplicated maintenance around this area. 

Consider Waterproofing

Regardless of what geographical location your home is in, moisture always presents a concern. Whether it's from melting snow or excessive rain, natural elements wreak havoc on a chimney. 

Consider waterproofing your chimney. 

Moisture gets trapped into the bricks and cement of the chimney. Over time, that wetness breaks down the mortar and seeps into parts of the home. That can lead to issues with mold and water damage in your roof and walls. 

Waterproofing acts as a sealant to prevent moisture from sneaking in. This protects the health of your chimney and your home in the long run. 

Call a Professional

Most homeowners don't know what a chimney cleaning looks like. They assume scooping out ashes and keeping the fireplace area clean is enough. 

That's a start but it isn't maintenance to your chimney. Call on a professional. 

A professional chimney sweep is a simple process that doesn't take all day. As long as you prep the house for the sweeper's arrival, the process concludes in no time. It's as simple as moving and covering furniture. 

You'll also need to make certain components of the chimney accessible for the sweep. 

Clean Your Chimney

The efficiency of your fireplace decreases over time. But chimney maintenance keeps warm air inside while ushering toxic fumes outside.

Take the steps in protecting your home and family. And if you're unsure, call on the help of an expert.

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