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Cordless vacuum - A Comparison Guide Between Dyson and Shark

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 22 October 2019 05:20

The innovation of vacuum cleaners has made life quite easy for people. And since the launch of the first vacuum, there have been quite many upgradations. Currently, there are multiple vacuum types available in the market, each offering a different set of features. Furthermore, there are a number of brands that make vacuum cleaners.

One of the most popular vacuum types is the cordless vacuum, and we are going to breakdown the features a good cordless vacuum(Shark or Dyson)?

-      Cordless Shark IonFlex Vacuum Series:

Each vacuum brand has to offer its benefits but when it comes to the Shark Ionflex vacuum series there are very few reasons not to buy this gadget. Shark IonFlex offers a number of amazing features to its customers.Here is a breakdown of its pros and cons:

-      Pros:

  • Affordability:

If you are looking for an inexpensive and affordable vacuum machine then cordless shark vacuums are definitely the best. These vacuum cleaners are less expensive than others, especially from Dyson. The overall cost of this vacuum cleaner series varies from $169 to $290.

  • Efficient Cleaning:

Each and every cordless vacuum of the cordless shark ion flex series is innovatively designed to offer efficient cleaning. It’s 2-in-1 styled body allows upright cleaning. Plus the inverted recline of the vacuum allows customers to easily clean beneath the furniture.  

  • Easy Handling:

Another purpose of the 2-in-1 styled body is that it provides easy handling to the customers. They can easily sweep the vacuum over the areas. Furthermore, the vacuum is very lightweight so hence easy to lift and clean the upper areas.

  • Better Sleek Design:

If you are looking for something elegant and sleek with multiple color options then cordless shark ion flex series is one of your options.

-      Cons:

  • Maintenance Costs:

Though the ion flex series is inexpensive to buy, but it requires yearly maintenance cost that is up to $28.

  • Runtime:

The runtime of the ion flex series is comparatively less than the other vacuum that is not more than 20-30 minutes.

  • Dustbin Capacity:

The dustbin capacity is just 0.33 L.

-      Cordless Dyson Vacuum Series:

Dyson cordless series are quite popular and known for its remarkable set of features and benefits. It is not wrong to say that these vacuum series have set new benchmarks for the other brands. Here is a list of its benefits and cons:

-      Pros:

  • Runtime:

Dyson cordless series offers twice the runtime than the shark ion flex series. Its average runtime is 60 minutes.

  • Dustbin Capacity:

The dustbin capacity is also greater than the shark series that is up to 0.77L.

  • Maintenance Costs:

When you buy dyson you don’t have to spend a single penny on its maintenance.

  • Incredible Suction:

The suction power of the Dyson series is remarkable. It allows efficient cleaning and picks up all the dirt. The 2-in-1 body style allows flexibility to clean and the lightweight body provides easy handling.

-      Cons:

  • Expensive:

The only drawback of the Dyson cordless series is that it is quite expensive. The average cost of a Dyson cordless series is $478.45.

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