4 Propane Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

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Propane has a wide variety of applications around the home. Find out four propane facts that every homeowner should know here.

Nearly 50 million people use propane for food prep and another roughly 8 million people use it as their primary heat source, according to a major industry report.

But there's a lot to know about having propane in the home.

How it heats a home, how to maintain its systems and how to make sure you get the most out of it takes knowing a thing or two. 

Here are five propane facts you need to know.  

It's Not the Same as Natural Gas

Propane facts are all about chemistry. 

Natural gas used in homes is mostly methane. It's chemically, and therefore, fundamentally different than propane. Propane is a three-carbon alkane gas, C3H8; Methane is a smaller molecule, CH4. 

This chemical structure difference makes a big difference in the impact of the gas when burned. 

It's Got More Wumpf

Because there are more atomic bonds to release through combustion, twice as much heat is released when it is burned. Or restated, twice as much heat is released from propane than methane.

And if you haven't noticed, there is a large tank on properties that use propane. Often its near the access road for ease of refill by something like this service. Sometimes, it's underground. 

Another reason why propane backs more of a wallop is that propane is pumped at high pressure into tanks. This forces it from a gas to a liquid; simply put, there is more of it in the same amount of spaces as natural gas, which is stored and pumped into homes as a gas.  

More Heat Means More Power

Water heaters, stoves and other appliances that use propane have more power because propane is more powerful. This is especially helpful when heating large bodies of water such as pools or man-made ponds. It's also incredibly helpful in fueling generators. 

Using a Byproduct of a Process

Propane is the byproduct of two other fossil fuel processes. 

Propane is separated from crude oil's refinement into other petroleum products like diesel and gasoline. It is also extracted in the refinement of natural gas or oil wellhead gas. 

Efficiency in handling fossil fuels is vital in this world that demands ever-increasing levels of productivity and prudence in energy production. 

Propane Facts Fuel Ownership

This stuff is important to know, especially when considering the reality that millions of homes are off of modern grids. 

Propane facts are vital to professionals and owners alike.

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