How to Choose Between a Little Giant and a Werner Ladder

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Safety first!

Ladders come in a variety of styles and heights, and it's essential to choose one that meets the needs of the task you're performing. Safety should always come first when using a ladder, so it's necessary to make sure you use the right ladder for the job. For instance, an extension ladder is suitable for reaching those high spots when decorating or cutting tree branches. But trying to reach up too high on a step ladder can be hazardous and lead to accidents. On the other hand, step ladders are ideal for those odd jobs around the house, from changing a light bulb to hanging curtains.

Extension ladders are used for all kinds of outside jobs, from professional window cleaning to painting gable ends of buildings. Aluminum ladders are commonly used, being lightweight, and easily portable. However, a fiberglass ladder, although much heavier to move, is safer to use in the vicinity of electrical cables. Well-known manufacturers that sell a range of quality ladders include Werner and Little Giant Ladders.

Investing in Ladders is worth it

Inside the home, ladders come in handy in some situations. For instance, if you have high bookshelves, fitting a rolling library ladder makes it quick and easy for you to reach those top shelves. Library ladders are generally made from wood, and come in a choice of colors and finishes to blend in with your décor. Another place where a fitted ladder comes in useful is in a loft hatch. An attic access ladder makes it simple for you to utilize that extra storage space in the roof. Just about every home may already have a step ladder or wooden step stool on hand for jobs that need to be done indoors. Still, when something happens on the exterior of the home, a contractor often needs to be called in, simply because a large enough ladder is not accessible. For this particular purpose, a telescoping or extension ladder will be necessary. Investing in a high-quality ladder will allow you to do the necessary work yourself for a much less expensive cost, and you will be prepared for future maintenance as well. As far as extension ladders go, fiberglass or aluminum is often the material that is used, with fiberglass being the most popular with greater stability. If a ladder needs to be stored in an area that is exposed to the elements, it may be better to go with aluminum as fiberglass may degrade over time.

Below we have listed the features of some of the best ladders we recommend for you, these are:


  1. LITTLE GIANT Velocity Multi-position Articulated Ladder - 15417-001


  • Load capacity: 136 kg 
  • Made in China
  • Max height in step ladder: 218 cm
  • Maximum height in ladder position: 449 cm
  • Folded height (storage): 139 cm
  • Weight: 13.8 kg
  • Five years warranty: Classic range
  1. WERNER MT-17 Ladders


  • 0% textile
  • 17-foot telescoping multi-ladder with a 300-pound duty rating
  • 20 different working heights or positions by converting into a 2-person stepladder, extension ladder, or scaffold
  • Soft-touch push knobs are the key to this versatile ladder enabling you to get the job done easier
  • Professional-grade ladder features double-riveted steps and heavy-duty non-marring feet for slip-resistance. Extra-wide flared bottom for firm support
  • Extension ladder height: 9' - 15', Stepladder height: 4' - 7'


Whatever your requirements, from doing DIY in the home or garden, to reach high shelves, there's a ladder to meet your needs. Choosing the right ladder for the job can help make your task much more straightforward. There are several kinds of ladders for utility purposes in the market. Still, you need to focus on which ones are the safest and flexible to use for your need, and both Little Giant and Werner extension ladders offer both to the greatest extent. Own one by clicking on this and stay safe while reaching all your heights conveniently.

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