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You might have been wondering about how to make use of your money for a good investment. Then you came up with the idea to jump into a real estate business. Of course, you will want to find the best areas to invest in real estate so that you can make real cash from it.

You might have been wondering about how to make use of your money for a good investment. Then you came up with the idea to jump into a real estate business. Of course, you will want to find the best areas to invest in real estate so that you can make real cash from it.

When it comes to this, you cannot go wrong to find out the best commercial properties to invest in Europe. Europe has amazing countries with loads of property spots which you are able to pick for the profitable property investment. There are a lot of opportunities that you can take from Europe.

I’ve compiled the best areas to invest in real estate in Europe. You can find it on commercial property marketplace, for example on Consorto. You could consider the list but it is important to hire professionals to help you with the paperwork, administration, and so on. So, without further ado, here are the top options for investment property places across Europe.

The Netherlands

What do you think about the Netherlands? There's good news for the real estate investors who are seeking places in Netherlands. The Rotterdam’s property prices have been rising fast from 2018. The values rose around %17. this number alone is 10% above the Netherlands country’s average. What does it mean? It can be a great destination to get a quick cash or stable cash flow on a monthly basis. Statistics shown that the homes (both new and used) are sold on average 30 days. Properties are selling well in this city. This city is also one of the prominent places to provide innovations and futuristic developments in various industries including communications, healthcare, utilities, and many more.


Portugal has loads of popular places for property investment. However, you’d like to focus on the Hamptons of Portugal, or locals describe it as Comporta C’est Chic. You will be surprised that Portugal offers the hidden gems which are available nearby the beaches areas. As we know that one of the attractions of Portugal is the beach going. When you locate property nearby the tourism destination, the value will be high.

Comporta region offers several villages which can cater to “under-the-radar” or “hidden” gems such as Comporta Possanco, Torre, Carvalhal, as well as Carrasqueira.

Homes around the areas could cost from around 500k to 10 million euros. The rentals of luxury homes or villas could cost from 600 to 4000 euros per night. It should be a mouth-watering prospects for the real estate investment enthusiasts.

One of the most sensible reasons to invest in Portugal is that the country has 10-year non-habitual resident tax program or NHR programme. As for most pensions, you won’t need to pay tax for 10 years.

You might wonder if you could bargain to the lowest price in Portugal. Well, Guarda is the place to check and visit. You can find a lot of land lot and existing properties which come with affordable price there.


Spain is one of the most pivotal destinations for international movers. Not only because the property has such great value price, but also the living fees are quite affordable there.

Barcelona is a popular destination for your real estate business. The property demands in this city has been increasing from year to year. Back then in a few months ago, there was Barcelona London Day which promoted the real estate investment in the country. That was just one of the expos that we could see. There are a lot of events in Barcelona which offer the B2B, or B2C the real estate investment which is promising and fruitful.

Barcelona city has been an interesting prospect for international investors and folks who want to move there for various reasons such as culture, retirement, arts, cuisine, marriage, and so on. Most of the property buyers are coming from the Middle East and the United States who prefer to have vacation homes, or “under-the-radar” properties which celebrities and other important people would like to own.

Besides Barcelona, you could also consider Valencia. It has been one of the most dominating destinations in terms of the real estate market. The property buyers and investors from the US, Middle East, and Asian countries have been scouting some of the places in Valencia for their own purposes. The city property has such strong demand from other Europe countries as well such as England, German, and France.


France has been one of the most favorite real estate investments in Europe because of its culture, arts, landscapes, and many more. France has many spots that have been the attraction to the rich and popular buyer. However, it is also easy to find the property with lower prices and you can bargain in order to upsell the property later.

There have been many projects like apartments, residentials, duplex, and many others which granted permission by the mayor. So, you wou;dn’[t need to worry about the permit or rules. As long as you work with the right handler, your property management will be greatly handled with him. According to the statistics, the average property values in this country increases 2% 3% per year. It is not a bad percentage at all, isn’t it?

The prices of the property in one of the cities, Paris, has been on the peak by the end of the previous year. Back then in 2018, it could costs around 9,500 euros per square metre for apartments. But now the price has gone up to $10,000 per square meter. And the increase will be much more possible in the future. If you invest in this country in no time, you could earn enormous amount of cash from it.

The other type of property to invest in France is the ski resort type. The ski property closer to the airport could give you a lot of perks. You could rent out your best commercial properties to invest in for cash flow, knowing the fact that people will keep coming to unleash their hobbies.

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