Description of the House Directly Affects Its Sale: Writing Tips

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People willing to buy houses search online, and that is why the description of a house is so important. If you look at some creative real estate listing descriptions, you will discover that house descriptions matter. In fact, the description of a house directly affects its sale. 


In this post, we will focus on this matter and provide some tips that may help you make the best listing for your house. This post is also about assignment help, and students who need assignment assistance will find this post helpful. 

Provide accurate description

It may sound obvious, but a lot of people ignore this part. You must make sure that the description is accurate. If it is a small house, do not use words like “sprawling” or something like that. If there are issues such as a rotting deck or water damage, do not write that the house is in “excellent condition”. Set realistic expectations so that the buyer does not perceive you as dishonest. 

If there are shortcomings or flaws, mention them in your description. Your buyer will trust you if you give an accurate description of your home and set realistic expectations. 

Choose adjectives wisely

Be descriptive, but do not go too crazy. If you use grandiose, you will certainly sound pretentious. If your house is very small, you can use the word “cozy”. The key is to get creative. Do not use high-sounding adjectives because they may doubt your honesty. Be honest, and use precise words that describe the real condition of your house. 

This is a great chance to get creative and play with adjectives because language is a nebulous thing. If you paint a real picture of your house, there are chances that some people will like your home and make it there own home. 

Do not use red flag words

When making a home listing, you must avoid certain words. Some studies show that the description of your home can directly affect the selling price of your home. “Cosmetic”, “TLC,” and “fixer” are some of these words. Writers who provide assignment help understand it and therefore avoid these red flag words. 

Most potential buyers interpret these words in a negative way. They may think your home is in a dilapidated condition and it will require a lot of work. These words have negative connotations, and potential buyers may think that you are willing to negotiate. If your home is not in a really bad condition, do not use these words in the description. 

Use words that add value

There are some words that are good for a home listing. Some of these words include “landscaped”, “luxurious” and “impeccable”. These words may boost sales prices. The word “luxurious” can be appropriate when describing a Jacuzzi tab in your home. 

Yes, you can use high-sounding adjectives, but you have to make sure that these words really describe your home.  

Writing a description of your home is not very different from writing an academic paper. Like many other students, I do not have enough time to focus on writing. When I am super busy with other tasks, I contact a writing service that can help me with my assignment. There are some writing services that provide assignment writing help. Busy students find these services helpful. 


Pay attention to punctuation

Make sure that punctuation marks are used correctly in the description. Do not use exclamation marks too often. Incorrect use of punctuation can make your writing horrible. Make sure that sentences are not too long or too short. Information gets lost in very long sentences. Use appropriate punctuation and write complete sentences. 

Be specific

You should use descriptive words because they entice not only search engines but also potential buyers. When you refer to countertops, specify marble or granite. You can use “wood burning” when describing fireplaces. 

When describing “hardwood floors”, you can mention that they are “Brazilian Walnut”.  These words will make potential buyers pay attention to the description. Writing services that provide assignment writing help can also help you write a precise description of your home. 

Be upfront

There are a lot of advantages of being upfront. Potential buyers want to know a lot of information, and you must put that information in your listing. Include “semi-attached” “attached” or “single-family home”. 

Be specific when stating the neighborhood. Do not forget to include the street address. Your listing will be incomplete without this vital information. If your goal is to make creative real estate listing descriptions, you must be upfront. 

Use proper grammar

If there are grammatical errors in the description, buyers will not take the description seriously. Search engines do not tolerate grammatical errors such as misplaced modifiers. With the help of artificial intelligence, search engines are now capable of detecting incorrect grammar, even poor grammar. Before you publish the description, make sure it is error-free. Writing services that provide assignment assistant know how important proper grammar is. 


If there are major new improvements, highlight them

There are some hot phrases that easily catch a buyer’s eye. One such phrase is “move-in-ready”. These phrases give your buyers the impression you have really taken care of some costly renovations. 

If you can not spend a lot of money, update at least the bathrooms and kitchen and highlight these upgrades. These updates often impress potential buyers. 

Mention neighborhood spots

There is a way to know what people would like to see in your neighborhood. A lot of advertisers use Google Keyword Planner for this purpose. You can use this tool when writing a description of your home. 

This tool can help you find keywords that are related to a particular neighborhood. Your property will rank higher if you use these keywords in your description. 

Highlight privacy

Living in a city does not necessarily mean constantly dealing with the hustle and bustle of city life. Every homeowner prioritizes privacy because your home is a place where you can be yourself without being judged. A home is highly sought after if it provided privacy and comfort. 

To describe a quiet neighborhood, you can use the term “tree-lined”. The term “top floor” may indicate that the apartment is peaceful and quiet. To indicate a secluded and private backyard, you can use the term “backs to trees” and “backs to woods”. 

Language is more powerful than most of us think. If you paint a realistic word-picture of your home, the chances are that some people will like your home even if it has some shortcomings. 

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