Fixing a Leaking Garbage Disposal

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A leaking garbage disposal evolve to a stinky condition fast. In worst case, it results in severe water damage. By knowing the ways to fix a leaking garbage disposal, you can prevent the leakage going out of control and making your kitchen a disaster. As per World Health Organization, improper disposal of waste, in particular organic and medical waste, leads to severe health conditions. Fast Plumber, offering safe, reliable and prompt plumbing services for fixing leakage garbage disposal problems, can save you from this headache, ensuring a healthy environment in your home that is free from garbage-driven diseases. In continuation to our aim, we share some great ways for fixing a leaking garbage disposal, in this article. 

The Alarming Signs

The signs of a garbage disposal leak include:

  • Soggy, damp cabinet under a sink
  • Flooding emerging from the sink’s bottom
  • Dripping noise from under the sin when the disposal is run
  • Spoiled or rotten food smell coming from a cabinet under the sink

Determining the Leakage Location

  • Take all items out from the cabinet under the sink and put a bowl or bucket under it to collect any bits of food or water coming out during inspection/repair
  • Switch off disposal, stop the sink drain and put water up to few inches, in a sink basin, to know where the leak happens.
  • Check under the sink when it is stopped-up. If the leak has stopped, remove stopper and inspect for the leak at the dishwasher hose, the disposal’s bottom, the drain or from water lines from the wall.

Fixing the Leaking Garbage Disposal

If you have spotted out that the leak is coming from the garbage disposal, try the following tips as a solution, based on what area of the disposal is leaking.

  • Leaking from the Top:

This usually implies that your putty or sink flange is worn and unable to keep the seal. In such condition, you must separate the disposal appliance, clean off worn-out putty or remove the old flange and reseal it with either a fresh plumber’s putty or new flange.

  • Leaking from the Bottom:

The seal within the garbage disposal is sometimes broken; these inner seals are likely to wear out with the passage of time. In this situation, you should go for the installation of new garbage disposal. Unless the disposal is still covered by warranty, the effort, cost and time consumed in fixing the inner seal is likely not worth it, and it will be better to replace the appliance.

  • Leaking from the Side

This leakage usually originates from the site where the drain lines are linked to the side of the garbage disposal. In such scenario, try to tighten the metal clamp, through screwdriver, which joins the lines from the disposal to a dishwasher. You may also consider the main drain line screws to stiffen them, or fix a new rubber gasket, discarding the old one.

Most of the homeowners overlook the importance of garbage disposal repairing and maintenance. It is suggested to take essential steps to avoid issues in the first place. Having a regular maintenance for disposal does not require a lot of time or effort, so take advantage of our professional garbage disposal services at

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