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4 Garden Features that Can Increase the Value of Your Property

Written by Posted On Friday, 29 November 2019 05:24

Modern gardens have become an extension of the home’s living space instead of an escape from the indoors. A well-designed garden can increase the value of your home, and studies suggest it could add up to two thousand pounds to your home’s valuation. However, there are design elements that don’t add value while others won’t provide the expected return on the investment. This is why you have to be strategic with your modifications and prioritise return on investment over preferences. Here are 4 garden features that can increase the value of your property.

A Patio

Roughly three out of four property professionals said that a good quality paving or patio increased the value of the home. This was far more than the sixty percent who said sturdy decking was a strong selling point for a home.

Choose patio paving solutions that are low maintenance, porous, smooth and durable. Paving that is durable and UV stable won’t fade, crack or lose its smooth surface.

You can choose a patio that matches or contrasts with nearby surfaces, whether it is grass or an existing deck. Add a canopy, and the patio becomes an extension of the home’s living space. Then people see it as another room of the home and offer more for the property. A tiny garden with decking, seating, and space will certainly be considered worth more than properties where nothing was done.

A Shed

Just over eighty percent of property professionals said that a decent sized shed increased the value of a home. People appreciate a building for storing garden tools or providing general storage. It is also a good place to store lawn furniture you aren’t using. For comparison, just over half of property experts said well-made lawn furniture added value to your home.

Secure Fencing

Roughly seventy percent of property professionals said that a secure fence significantly improved the value of a home. Gates and walls make people feel safe and it will keep pets and young children secure. This is why adequate outdoor lighting was ranked as important by two-thirds of property professionals. However, the solid barriers mattered slightly more. Consider having a little height on the fence panels, since this provides a fair bit of privacy.

The Right Garden

A garden can increase the value of your home, but this is only true if you have the right plants and design elements in place. Artificial grass was ranked important by forty percent of property professionals because it doesn’t require watering or cutting. If you have a family home, maintain a grassy area where the kids can play.

Water features were ranked a selling point by nearly six in ten property professionals. On the other hand, a high maintenance garden is a liability. It will only be of interest to older buyers with time to maintain garden beds, though an overstocked garden will drive away even enthusiastic gardeners.

In general, a well-designed, low maintenance garden will increase the home’s value five to twenty percent. It is especially attractive to the one-third of Brits who spend more time outside than they used to. Just don’t spend a ton of money on a lavish garden; it probably won’t increase the value of your home. You are more likely to recoup the cost if your garden is a little nicer than the neighbors, assuming they live in identical houses.


Gardens affect the value of the home, starting with its curb appeal. The right garden upgrades can add five to fifteen percent to the value of your home, so make sure that you consider making a few changes if you want to not only get the best offers but sell faster.

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