How to Lower the Asking Price of a Home After an Inspection in Los Angeles, CA

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LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE — Home inspections are an important step in home buying because even the biggest and dreamiest houses can have problems so if you’re buying a home you would want to negotiate repairs with the seller after the home inspector inspects the house.

After all most sellers are willing to fix a few flaws so you can take the house out of their hands. You would need to have the right negotiation skills and for that, the Local Records Office has the best hustling skills in the real estate market.

Here are a few ways to negotiate repairs after a home inspection:

#1 – Pick Your Battles Wisely

Let’s be honest, every house is going to have its problems but not every home is worth the struggle. Picking the right repairs for the seller to repair will come along way. Pointing out EVERY flaw the house has so the seller can repair it is not realistic. Try to focus on major issues like plumbing, leaking roof, outdated basement and not on the small problems like a hole in the drywall or dry patch of grass or broken sink.

Not every repair will need to be fixed right away some repairs can wait a few months and even years.

#2 – Know What the Seller Is Legally Required to Fix Before Closing the Deals in Los Angeles, CA

There are many repairs that a seller has to legally require to fix like any water penetration issues, such as a wet basement, mold on the walls, missing handrails and proper plumbing across the house.

Some home repairs can be dangerous for the buyer and especially if kids are around. Kids can fall through broken floorboards; something might fall on them and even get shocked by bad wiring.

#3 – Do Your Research Before Seeing the House

Knowing what to look for when inspecting the property will help you point the problems easier. It’s harder to point out the results if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Educate yourself on home inspections and point out the bigger problems. Youtube has great tutorials on home inspections for beginners for no cost. Other websites like Pinterest also offer great tips to get you started.

#4 – Ask for a Repair Credit

You want the seller to make repairs legally required but the repairs that are not repaired you want to get a repair credit. A repair credit is like a deduction for the major repairs needed, rather than having the seller coordinate and pay for the work.

This usually works in the buyer’s favor because of the deduction and you might find a handyman that might fix it for cheaper.

The seller will likely hire the cheapest contractor to work on the repairs that might end up needing more repairing in the future or will be so cheap that you will end up paying for it too.

Law requires a home inspection before selling any home; therefore, educating yourself is crucial. You need to know what you are getting yourself into before committing, hire the best home inspection you can find.

Home inspections help buyers avoid money-sucking properties that will cause the buyers much more than it was purchased for.





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