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What Are The Types Of Water Storage Tanks? 7 Important Things To Know

Written by Posted On Friday, 13 December 2019 02:25

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Whether you store water for personal use or commercial purposes, you need the right tank. Water tanks come in different sizes, materials, and costs. How do you know the right water tank for your needs?

Storing water can help you reduce water waste and improve the eco-friendly operation of your home or business. It can also be a good idea to store water in case water sources become contaminated during a natural disaster or another emergency. 

What are the types of water tanks? Here are seven important things to know. 

Corrugated Steel

If you need a longterm solution, try a corrugated steel tank. These tanks can withstand almost any kind of weather, natural disaster, and fire. Choose from a variety of sizes from a few hundred gallons for personal home use to a few million gallons when irrigating crops. 

Poly Tanks

Use a poly tank—made of polyurethane—if you plan to bury your water storage underground. However, a poly tank works well above ground, too. Use poly tanks to store drinking water or collecting rainwater. 

Find your ideal poly tank at places such as The Tank Factory.

Fiberglass Tanks

You might need a fiberglass tank for storing non-potable water like wastewater. You can also store drinking water and rainwater in your fiberglass tank. These tanks are typically smaller, but they'll do an excellent job of keeping your water safe and clean.  

Pillow Tanks

Do you need to take your tank with you? Choose a pillow tank. These are "bladder" tanks that collapse to take with you, and they're perfect for temporary water storage situations.

They hold between 500 and 20,000 gallons. One person can usually set up a pillow tank, making them extremely convenient. A pillow tank is also one of the more affordable water storage options. 

Concrete Tanks

For a permanent, long-term solution, choose a concrete tank. You'll find most concrete tanks buried in the ground to store large amounts of water. However, your concrete tank can sit above ground, too. 

Watch for cracks in your concrete tank. If you keep it sealed, it should last for many years. 

Folding (Frame) Tanks

A frame tank sets up in minutes. These tanks use a tarp attached to a metal frame. Unfold it to hold water in firefighting or emergencies. To pack it away or move it to another location, fold and carry it where needed.  

Welded Steel Tank

One of the most reliable options for long-term water storage with easy access, a welded steel tank holds a large amount of water above ground. Welded tanks offer plenty of options depending on your needs.

Know What Are the Types of Water Tanks Before You Decide

Before you invest, be sure you know what are the types of water tanks. From a permanent solution to a temporary water storage tank, make sure you choose a tank that fits your needs and gives you easy access to your water! 

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