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4 Innovative Strategies to Attract More People to Your Property Development

Written by Posted On Sunday, 22 December 2019 23:49

Using modern tools and innovative technology not only helps you to reach more potential customers, but it also shows your target market that you are forward-thinking, prepared, and professional. After all, if someone is going to purchase or rent a place in your property development, they want to be reassured that they are in the best hands possible.

From the importance of wayfinding design to the power of a virtual tour, read on for four innovative strategies for attracting more people to your property development.

1. Upload a virtual tour.

Thanks to the Internet, many potential buyers anticipate finding as much valuable information online as possible, and they generally want to see it before they commit to visiting a physical location. Therefore, if you're going to attract more people to your property development, you want to ensure that you are uploading enough information to get them interested. One of the best ways to do this is by extending a comprehensive virtual tour of the property and grounds.

As these virtual tours are interactive by design, they allow potential buyers to explore the environment. From their computer, they will be able to visit each room and examine the details. Plus, these types of videos are able to hold an individual's attention for a while, which means that the viewer is more likely to become invested in the interaction and, therefore, more likely to want to visit the property development.

When shooting your virtual tour, make sure you are filming with the appropriate camera gear to ensure high-quality content. Generally, it is recommended that you hire professionals to do the job as they will be able to determine at which points the property development looks the best. When filming interior shots, keep all the curtains and blinds open, and the lights switched on to bring a cozy and aesthetic feel. That being said, the video should have a balanced amount of exterior and interior shots to give a potential buyer a fantastic overall feel.

2. Update your wayfinding system.

For visitors and homeowners, there is a lot more to your property development's wayfinding system than just aesthetics (although that is also incredibly important). Instead, your wayfinding system must bridge the gap between design and functionality. When it comes to having an effective wayfinding system on your property development, you need to be considering the materials, the accessibility, and the timing. However, first things first: You need to have a plan.

No matter where you are implementing a wayfinding system, for it to be effective, there needs to be a behind-the-scenes plan. All areas of your property must first be labeled and organized. From there, a wayfinding system can be developed that helps to familiarize individuals in the space, while also providing directional aid. It is paramount that you have a robust wayfinding system as it will reduce a visitor's normal confusion when moving through your property development.

The best wayfinding systems can effectively and successfully direct a visitor while also welcoming them, clearly defining the area, and providing direction. That is why it is crucial to find a balance between form and function. The last thing you want is for potential buyers to be confused and annoyed when trying to navigate your property development. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you work with signage and wayfinding consultants in Dubai who can bring an objective point of view to your wayfinding system while also offering recommendations or ideas to enhance your property development's wayfinding experience.

3. Implement a referral program.

Referral programs are one of the best ways to attract new customers and prospects. This is because most individuals trust the recommendations of their friends and family above anything else. This is where the power of a referral program comes into play.

A referral program would reward the referrer (in gift cards, cash backs, or a credit on their accounts) once the referred buys or rents from your property development. By implementing this, you can start to reach more people, attract new customers, and reward existing clients for spreading the word.

Similarly, always ask your happy clients to leave you a testimonial or review. This will significantly help you in strengthening your online reputation, and potential buyers will be able to observe reasons they should choose to do business with you.

4. Utilize cloud property management software.

Every property development should be utilizing cloud property management software as it enables you to benefit from automation, streamlined processes, and access to data anywhere, at any time. Immediately, you will start to notice a reduced workload and more efficient use of time. This means that you have more time to work on other aspects of the business and reach new potential buyers.

What approaches are you taking to attract more people to your property development? Let us know your thoughts and any relevant experiences in the comments below!


Zak Zakaria is a Waymaker at dezigntechnic in Dubai who also previously worked as the company's Graphic Designer and Art Director. Zak is a creative with work experience in multiple multinational agencies such as JWT and Saatchi & Saatchi. Signage design is a family business, making Zak's personal experience with signage his longest professional commitment.

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