Be SAFE Out There...Literally

Written by Posted On Monday, 20 January 2020 21:13
Where would you run? Where would you run?

Keep it SAFE!

Recently I got a lead to go see a house to buy for cash. It seemed legitimate and so I contacted the seller, whose name matched the title on file. I showed up on a Sunday afternoon and was invited in. The outside of the house was normal and looked like every other house on the block. The house had been rennovated only three years prior so I wasn't expecting what I walked into. As I entered, I smelled a blast of cat urine mostly, among other smells I couldn't place. The owner, greeted me with a smile and a warm welcome however. As I walked in, I could see immediately that something wasn't right. I stayed near the door and put key between my knuckles, you know, just in case I had to go all Jackie Chan. The man was barefoot, which made me feel a little less threatened. He continued with a friendly chat about his work and I started asking questions about the house. He had mentioned some dry wall repair would be needed and that he might not be cut out for home ownership.


The drywall repair was an understatement. There were griant holes smashed in the walls and at one spot a mason jar was jammed into the wall, just hanging in the wall as though it were some form of "art". The class stove was busted through and there was trash everywhere. Now, I'm a 6'6" male and it takes a lot to make me feel creeped out or intimidated, but this had me on edge for a bit. The owner continued to walk me through his house and carried on conversation as though he didn't notice anything wrong with the place. I appreciated how he did this, however, and I came to learn that he was leaving to move home due to a some mental health issues. Suddenly it all made sense. However, I again had that momentary fear that my body would be found and I would be the latest news headline without knowing it. Then he invited me into the crawl space to look at the heater... did I follow? Well... yes actually, but only after he went down first. TERRIBLE IDEA! What am I, the stupid victim character in a horror movie? Apparently YES!


It all worked out in the end

Needless to say, I made the visit quick and continued on my way. Now this gentleman seemed kind and was legitimately in a tough spot. I worked out a scenario in which he was able to save his credit, get rid of his house, and continue on with his life. However, the initial scenario made me ponder, "What if that was my wife going to the property?" I started to think about how potentially unsafe going to random houses could actually be. I don't say this to creep anyone out or scare you out of finding a deal, but I encourage you to learn from my story. Make sure someone knows where you are and when you're going and returning, and why not carry some mace around just in case?  Reminding you to think about more than making a possible great deal, but a possible mistake too. Always have the seller lead you through the house, and try to keep yourself facing them. Until next time! 


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Seth Rouch

Hello! I’m Seth, of SethBuysHouses, which is a Local Colorado Home Buying Company. I’ve found a passion of helping people in Colorado with a houseing solution for them. My wife, Stephanie, and I have a combined experience of almost 20 years in Real Estate and have found that if you’re not happy… well then what’s the point? Coming from being a 9-year public servant-teaching middle school, you know that I’m here to help IMPROVE your housing situation. Additionally, I am a Colorado 5th generation native. I’ve been pouring into the communities of Colorado and strive to preserve the Colorado I know and grew up in for not only myself, but my two children and future generations.

With all that to say, I am definitely not your typical “I buy houses” or “We buy houses” buyer. I have been involved in Real Estate for almost a decade and am here to help people. I truly also enjoy being a landlord in multiple states, house flipping and the process and excitement of making something come back to life. I renovate and rent every house so that I would be excited and proud to live there with my wife and kids!  – Seth Rouch

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