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How to Make Moving an Organized and Stress-Free Experience

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Moving homes is considered to be one of the most stressful occurrences in life. You can minimize the anxiety and frustration by ensuring you are organized about how you deal with the process. Here are some tips.

1. De-Clutter Before You Pack:

You have probably accumulated many things during your stay in your current home, but how much of it needs to be taken with you to your new house? Think about how lovely and free your new home is and then ask yourself if the items fit in with this fresh abode. Will the item be useful and/or add beauty to your new living space? Make sure about this before you decide to pack it. Getting rid of clutter before you move is a great way to de-stress because you won’t be carrying unnecessary baggage.

2. Use Color-Coded Labels:

Color-coding boxes of things can be a huge help when you need to spot where something is right away. You could have all the kitchen goods labeled with a blue color, all the bathroom items yellow, the master bedroom red, and so on. You can also use color labels to match wires to appliances or gadgets so that they are found quickly.

3. Create a Box of Must-Haves:

It can make your move smoother for you to have a box of essentials packed for your first night in your new home. These can include basics such as pajamas, coffee, disposable dishes, light-bulbs, snacks, toilet paper, bath towels, and other hygiene products.

4. Use Computer Storage:

Cut down on the number of boxes you have to pack and move by storing important documents on your computer. Music can also be transferred to your computer music library, which reduces the amounts of CDs you have to bring along with you. Of course, you can’t completely rely on technology and will need a box where you can place all your important paperwork, such as your birth certificate and school records - always carry this box with you so that you don’t risk it going missing.

5. Relocating?

If you are planning on moving across the country, there are many things to consider before you can actually start moving your stuff from your old place to the new location.

But if you make everything right, moving could be a very nice experience. First, start with evaluating the actual value everything you are planning on taking with you.

Sometimes, it is much cheaper to just sell a piece of furniture, for example, and buy a new one, when you arrive at your new home, instead of paying high prices for moving services.

When you are all done sorting your possessions, you should start looking for a moving company. Especially if you need to move a lot of heavy furniture or you are physically incapable of doing it yourself.

Also, if you are very busy and your schedule doesn't allow you to do it all by yourself, hiring a professional crew can mean a lot of saved time. And we all know time means money.

Before you make any final decisions on the moving company, you should carefully compare their reputation and rates. Also, make sure they have good insurance.

Save money for moving. You'll need money for parking, movers, boxes, storage rental, moving insurance, and utility disconnection/reconnection costs (telephone, cable, gas, electrical, water etc.)

Map your journey. Make sure you have all the flight and hotel reservations confirmed and your luggage packed. This way, moving cross country will be a great experience.

Start with One Room:

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by how much unpacking you have to do once you reach your new home. This is where your color-coded boxes come in handy because they will be labeled according to which rooms they should be in. Start by getting one room in the house ready before doing everything at once. This room will also become a lovely retreat and resting place when you are tired halfway through setting up the other rooms.

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