Best Home Improvements For a Higher Valued Home

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A house is an essential commodity. It is where we relax, sleep, eat, and enjoy most of our lives, making it a good lifetime investment. For this reason, buyers make sure that the property they’re going to purchase is in top-notch condition, with less to no renovation required.

In case you want to sell your house and add value to it, you might need some renovations and maintenance. It's your best effort, so buyers get interested and increase the value. However, these renovations and improvements can cost a lot. It can add up, and you might have a lesser return on investment. Some may even depreciate the overall value.

It's best to carefully decide on what type of makeover you'd want to get. Below are some home improvements that will give you the biggest bang for your money.

Replace Your Garage Doors

Most homeowners overlook garage doors during renovations. However, replacing your garage door for a newer model is proven to have a 98.3% return of investment.

Replacing your garage door can cost around $3000, and it can return up to $2900 profit. Plus, it's easy compared to other home renovations. You'll choose your preferred model and have it installed by a professional.

You can choose a unique panel style to match the overall aesthetic of your home. Having a cohesive look can add to the curb appeal and attract prospective buyers.

For additional home value, choose an insulated garage door. Insulation can also help save energy and maintain the garage's internal temperature. It may also appeal to buyers who prefer energy-saving houses.

Most importantly, upgrading your garage door will also improve house safety and security. New models include sensors, and opening systems are what buyers usually look for in a property.

Repainting and Adding Manufactured Veneers

The condition of the house exterior is what buyers initially see. It would give them an impression of what might be inside. For them to go inside during open houses, you might want to make your curb appeal on point.

When you have your exteriors painted, you might want to have it repainted before selling. According to experts, repainting has 112% return on investment. A professional paint job can also cost $2,700 on an average for a 1,500 square feet home. You'll end up having around $3,000 in profit.

You can ask for an estimate to several painters and choose the ones that can give the lowest cost. However, only select professional painters for a quality paint job. You might also consider choosing paints that are neutral colors and weather resistant. It has greater appeal for most potential buyers.

If you're on a tight budget, you can paint certain areas like the front porch or the areas with most flaking, chips, or molds. Fresh paint can make these areas look better and new. If you want to enhance the exterior of the house, add a manufactured stone veneer. A stone veneer is from composite materials shaped to look like real stones.

Stone veneers are installed the same way as real stones, but they are a lot more affordable, giving you a higher return on investment. An average yield of investment for stone veneers is 97%.

You don't have to add it to all of your exterior walls. A small but well thought out area can already interest potential buyers.

Install New Floorings

If you have a carpeted house, chances are your carpets collected some nasty dirt and dust you don't want interest buyers to see. Also, carpeted floorings are not always practical for potential buyers.

You might want to consider replacing the carpets for hardwoods, laminate, or tiled floors. These floorings are a lot more efficient in terms of cleaning. They are also ideal for people with allergies and pets.

Aside from having a greater appeal for buyers, new floorings can give around 91% return of investment.

Just keep in mind that choosing the material for your new flooring can also impact the house's value and the cost of the renovation. Consider the overall value of the home when selecting between different flooring materials.

If you already have non-carpeted floors, you might want to refurbish it. Refurbished flooring can give a 100% return on investment.

A newly refurbished floor can also add to the clean and fresh feeling of the house. Buyers usually want a home that's already ready to occupy.

Bathroom Upgrade

A bathroom is every house's workhorse. It undergoes a lot of wear and tear because of the humidity and exposure to water. You may want to update some outdated fixtures.

Try updating your faucets for under-mount sinks, change the bathroom counter for granite countertops, and install a shower with body spray. A heated floor can also attract buyers.

You can also change the old toilets for low-flow ones. These are new types of toilets that use less water in flushing. Using an updated fixture can make the bathroom feel modern and fresh.

These upgrades can provide 68 to 78% of returns. Just keep in mind that most buyers prefer classic fixtures. Thus, stay away from anything too modern or trendy.

Remodel the Kitchen

If your budget can only accommodate one room to renovate, go for the kitchen. It offers 80% to 85% of return, and most buyers always appreciate an updated kitchen.

You can start by small remodelings like painting the cabinets and adding new knobs. Also, try adding a new backsplash, metallic light switches, and a rolling island.

For even better return, remodel your kitchen by making a new floor plan. Consider making it more open and large. Position the cooktop, refrigerator, and sink in a triangle.

Open kitchens appeal to many buyers because it provides a better workflow. It also feels modern and fresh, that's ideal for every household.


Selling a house may require a lot of work, but making the right renovations and remodeling can surely add up to the house's worth. Your buyers will also appreciate you for doing the upgrades for them.

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Maria Ellane Diaz is a seasoned freelance writer who works for various lifestyle and design websites. She specializes in DIY projects for homes, be it updating Garage Doors, revamping kitchen cabinets, or repainting bedroom walls, she got it covered for you. Whenever Maria has free time, she binge-reads on her favorite Paulo Coelho novels.

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