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Giving Your Home Sale Value Chic Room Dividers for Your Home

Written by James Helliwell Posted On Thursday, 26 March 2020 10:08

Giving your home value is paramount in today's economic climate. We spoke with property experts, and cash for home buyers Zoom Property Buyers about ways to give you home excellent resale value.  Most people today love homes built with an open-concept in mind. However, even with an open-concept, you sometimes still need a bit of division within your rooms. Several ways exist to get this division without spoiling the gorgeous, open design.

Glass Dividers

When you have a living room and dining room combination, you can divide one from the other by placing two narrow glass dividers on either side of the space between each area. You’ll want to use slim panels directly across from each other that go from the floor to the ceiling to indicate where one space stops and the other starts. Stay with clear glass for the most open appearance. Opt for etched glass with a gorgeous design for a more elegant look.


Metal Dividers

These types of dividers look fabulous in an entryway that opens up into a living area to create a bit of separation when you first come into the home. Choose a metal divider in a trendy-looking finish and design that you can still see through for the best look. You’ll want to place the floor to ceiling divider to the side of the door, so it appears as if you have a separate foyer space.

Plastic Dividers

If you have two children who share the same room, that space will lack privacy and often lead to arguments about someone encroaching on the other’s side. Place a tall plastic divider between the two beds to separate the space. The divider doesn’t need to be excessive, only something that extends about two to three feet into the room. This amount of space is enough to provide a bit of privacy while each child is in bed or sitting up against their headboard. Choose a fun color, or purchase a white one and let your children paint it themselves.

Wooden Dividers

A divider made of wood with an intricate, see-thru design looks gorgeous in a spacious master bedroom to separate the sleeping area from the sitting area. With a divider, the sitting area will feel more like a private space. The divider will also become a focal point in the room and add a chic look to your bedroom. Choose a thick wood in a gorgeous stain for the best appearance.

Room dividers can add beauty and functionality to your home. Select a good-quality product that will enhance your décor for a look that you and everyone in your family will admire.

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