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How To Sell Your Commercial Property In The US?

Written by Posted On Monday, 04 May 2020 01:29

Are you looking to sell your commercial property? Reasons for this may vary, from outgrowing your current location, moving abroad, or you are retiring from a business, or maybe you are stepping into the thrilling world of CRE investing. 

Having a desire to sell it great! Still, you need to know how to sell. 

Here are the top five fast and straightforward tips on how you can see your commercial property in the US in no time. 

Parking Lot


People tend to oversee this part when selling commercial property, but it's one of the most crucial features. 

People who run companies want to have a pleasant and easy-to-access parking lot. Also, the parking lot is usually the first part that every potential buyer gets to see. 

So, don't overlook it and clean it. A good parking lot can tell a lot about you and your business practice. Keep your parking lot clean, well-organized, and avoid a potential buyer driving into a pothole, when visiting the property. 



Broken windows? Replace them. Crooked doors? Repair them. The age of your property is best seen in windows and doors. Freshen it up a bit!

Any broken or cracked windows should be replaced before you list your commercial property. Clean windows can do wonders for first impressions, especially when you have a lot of natural light to use. 

The light reminds people to home, to something familiar and safe. Also, with light comes a vast amount of Vitamin D. Use new windows to point that out. You don't have to make the place look all-new, make it decent and pleasant. 

Curb Appeal Matters


Be honest and take a good look at the outside of your building. Do you need to do more than simple repairs? Do you need to invest in landscaping? 

Bear in mind that a neglected building can discourage even buyers that are most interested in your commercial building. If you feel that you need help in this area, think about hiring professionals. 

For maximum results, hiring commercial real estate architects can help you sell fast and for a considerable sum. 

List Your Property for Sale


You can start saying to people in your surrounding that you are selling your commercial property. You can also think about listing your property online. 

Using a listing service to advertise can be beneficial. Even brokers will list your property and support it with marketing efforts to spread the word out. 

Pro tip: If your property is specially designed for a specific purpose (such as a warehouse, hospital, and so on.), think about promoting it on niche sites - this way, the right buyers will find you. 

Have Pricing Strategy


Do your research and learn the price range of your neighborhood. See how much similar properties are priced, what their advantages are, and what are their pain points. 

Checking out the competition is OK to practice. This will give you a closer look at the price and help you sell well. Moreover, you don't want to overprice it, and it's something that potential buyers will much appreciate. 


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