How To Stage A Small Bedroom To Leave A Big Impression

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Staging a small bedroom for a big impression- Kevin Vitali Massachusetts Real Estate

When selling a home, it is important to show rooms as their intended purpose.  Meaning a dining room should be a dining room and not a playroom or a bedroom should be a bedroom and not a study.

By showing the intended use for a specific room you will help your buyers define the space and get more money for your home.

Often a home seller will take a small unused bedroom and convert it to an office, a den, a craft room, etc…  But if you only have a 3 or 4 bedroom home, showing that small bedroom as a bedroom could make the difference of tens of thousands of dollars.

A small bedroom can be challenging.  So how do you stage a small bedroom to put it in its best light.

Staging A Small Bedroom To Make It Look Larger

When staging a small bedroom, remember what defines a bedroom.  A bed, a dresser and a nightstand is really all a bedroom needs to define it as a bedroom.  You do not need much to define a bedroom.

Clean and Declutter

Home staging should always start with a deep cleaning and de-cluttering.  Spotlessly clean will always impress a buyer regardless of other shortcomings a room or home may have. 

Get rid of clutter.  Less is more.  Typically, small unused bedrooms become dumping grounds for the rest of the house. 

Paint A Lighter Neutral Color

If the paint in your small bedroom is tired and/or the color is outdated it may be time to repaint.

Choose a light neutral color to brighten up the space and open up the walls.  Don’t forget a nice crisp coat of ceiling white as well to freshen and open up your small bedroom.

Use A Smaller Bed

Use a full-size bed instead of a queen, or if the room is a kids room a twin bed might be fine. 

Do not cramp the room with an oversized bed.  Give space for someone to maneuver around the bed.

A smaller bed will visually give the room more square footage.

When it comes to bedding. keep it light and bright.  You can bring in some accent color with throw pillows to make the bed a focal point.

Don’t Stuff It With Furniture

As I pointed out, not much is needed in the way of furniture to define a bedroom.  If the room is already used as a bedroom you may have brought in additional furniture to make it more functional for your needs.  

Pair down the furniture.  If need be, get rid of clothes you are not using or store seasonal clothes elsewhere.  The more floor area the buyer can see, the larger the room will appear.

If you make your small bedroom look cramped buyers will shy away from it.  But if you can show it as being open and having enough room for your belongings, they will believe they can make do with your home’s small bedroom.

Window Treatments

Open up those windows to allow light in.  The lighter the space is, the larger it will appear.

Avoid heavy dark drapes. Keep your window treatment light and airy.  Use window sheers and blinds if possible.

Being able to see out a window gives the room dimension and will make it appear larger. 

Use Mirrors For Wall Décor

Mirrors can be great wall décor, especially in a small space.  A mirror can help visually double the space without actually taking away any square footage.  Use mirrors across from windows to help reflect more space into the room.

Accents and Décor

Now that you have your small bedroom paired down its time to stage the room with a few accent pieces.  Leaving nightstands and dresser tops bare will make it seem cold and sterile.  Avoid personal clutter…. like reading glasses, magazines, pill bottles, personal hygiene products, etc…

Think about using a few lamps to help brighten a room. 

A nightstand could have a lamp a book and one small decorative piece.  Just enough to make it look lived in. 

A staged dresser top could have a lamp a runner and a decorative piece or two as well.  If your dresser doesn’t have an attached mirror, leaning one against the wall would work or add a large accent piece to help fill the space above the dresser.

How to stage a small bedroom for a Big Impression- Kevin Vitali Massachusetts REALTOR


Finally, don’t forget your closets. Show your closets off as having ample space by paring down your belongings. 

If you show your closet as having a little extra room vs being stuffed, a buyer will think the closet is working and there is some extra space if they need it.

Staging a small bedroom can have its challenges. But it will be worth making the effort.  Remember less is more.  Showing actual floor space will make the room look bigger.

And, finally, show that the room can function well as a bedroom without being crowded and cramped with belongings overflowing everywhere.

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