A Thinker’s Guide to the European Luxury Real Estate Market

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Are you an art de Vivre aficionado? If so, are you interested in investing in the European luxury real estate market? What is the art de Vivre? And, what merit is there in investing in a luxury property in countries like France, UK, Spain, Switzerland, and Italy?

These questions all have merit and deserve a considered answer. Therefore, by way of answering these questions, let’s look at the following points:

What is the art de Vivre?

The insiderfrance.com website defines the art de Vivre as the art of living. The phrase was first invented by Louis XIV, king of France, and his penchant for fine living that included “chocolate, coffee, champagne, comic theatre, marquetry furniture, diamonds and wigs made of human hair.”

This fondness for fine living subsequently affected every aspect of luxury and human pleasure in France and the rest of Europe, including gastronomy, fashion, and leisure activities.

It is important to be aware of the fact that the art de Vivre is not the same as luxurious living; although, both are complementary. Art de Vivre is more than living a luxurious life. It refers to the art of appreciating the finer things in life or embracing life itself.

Finally, Rachel Kaplan of insiderfrance.com notes that in the 21st century, we live in a global village because of the Internet. Therefore, it is possible to “share the secrets of French art de Vivre and adapt it to our own lives.”

The Merits of investing in luxury property where the concept of the art de Vivre is emphasised


Investing in luxury property is one thing; however, investing in luxury property, where the art de Vivre is added to your investment makes sound business sense. You’ve worked hard for your money, so you can afford to indulge in fine living or life tout court.

In summary, these properties in European countries like Switzerland, France, and Italy include a range of services tailored to include art consultancy services, the purchase of a primary or secondary residence, and the acquisition of horse farms, wine farms, and yachts.

Apart from the investment benefits of purchasing luxury real estate, let’s consider a few other benefits of the art of fine living:

Stress and burnout management

Many of the world's richest people like Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates have grown their wealth from the ground up through very hard work. Consequently, it is essential to get out of the rat race regularly to relax as a stress and burnout management technique. It’s no good working hard all your life and ending up with coronary disease or other medical conditions as a result of burnout. The age-old adage of “work hard and play hard” is relevant in these circumstances.

Spending quality time with family

This point is allied to the first point in this section. Additionally, billionaires and celebrities like members of the British Royal Family need safe, secure spaces where they can relax without being followed by paparazzi photographers and kidnapped for nefarious purposes. Therefore, not only do these people need close protection officers and bodyguards, but they also need to relax and spend quality time with their families where they feel safe. These luxurious real estate investments are the ideal place for a safe, secure holiday.

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