Things to consider before making your first real estate investment

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The old days when people only used to invest their money in the security of the savings account are gone. Among several options real estate might be a good option for investing your money where the return might be satisfying. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. There are several things one needs to know and consider before buying a property. Let’s have a look at these things that need to be considered before investing in real estate-


Location is the prime important thing for any kind of real estate purchase because the value of the property depends a lot on the locality and the amenities available nearby.

Typically there are various types of real estate purchases and depending on them the location should be considered. For instance, in case of residential places, it is important to take note of the facilities like hospital, market, schools etc. On the other hand, properties bought for commercial uses should be close to warehouses or should have good transportations. Locations are also important for taking care of the aesthetic value of the property.

Housing Projects:

As the big cities are growing more and more crowded with time, people are occupying the suburbs outside the city in order to get a taste of peace and breathe a little less polluted air. Housing projects might be good real estate investments as the rates are generally cheaper and the value typically increases with time. However, before investing in a housing project it is important to-

Verify the RERA registration

Check the approval of the project via proper authorities.

Taxes and Liabilities:

Generally there are several incentives available on housing loans by the government. It is important to understand how can you manage the taxes in the best way and avail all the offers presented by the government for investing in real estate.

Along with that, it is important to understand the liabilities of the developer before agreeing to any contract. Signing without understanding the consequences might turn a real estate investment into a big loss later. So, it is better to be cautious.


Budget is necessary for any kind of investments and real estate is no exception. The property searches should be made based on the budget only. The budget should be made taking the costs of remodeling into consideration. So, all these things should be considered before settling for a property.

Reason for investing:

The question of why you are investing in a real estate property should be the ultimate guide for judging the property in a better way. If it is for reselling, the price trends should be taken into consideration. If it is for rental purposes the locality becomes important.

Finally, if you are buying for yourself the remodeling costs and the costs of moving must be taken into consideration. One pro tip, always choose the crystal clear boxes for packing your things so that you can settle down easily after moving in.

So, these are the basic things to consider before investing in a real estate property.

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