Relocation Guide to San Diego- Pros and Cons

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San Diego is the 8th largest city in the United States. It is located on the Pacific coast. Almost 1.5 million people stay in San Diego and a lot of people move to San Diego to study or work. If you are also thinking of moving to San Diego, you must gather some useful info before moving there. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of San Diego.

Pros of San Diego

San Diego has an amazing and pleasant environment, employment opportunities attract a large number of migrants to San Diego. 

Let’s read the advantages of moving to San Diego in detail:

  1.       Climate 

Environment and climate in San Diego are amazing. The summers are not humid, summers are warm and dry here in San Diego, winters also are not very cold, it is mildly cold in winter, and precipitation is low in winters. Because of different topography levels in San Diego, you will get to experience micro-climates as well.

  1.     Education

San Diego has the 2nd largest school in California. Many being and reputed universities are also present in San Diego. Parents can get their children admitted in good and reputed schools here. The reputed and renowned universities here attract a large number of students from other cities and states. The percentage of people holding a Bachelor’s degree in San Diego is very high. 

  1. Criminal Activities

The security system in San Diego is commendable. Criminal activities here are very low even though the population of San Diego is very high. It is one of the safest cities to live in the United States.

  1.     Employment Opportunities

The employment rate in San Diego is very high. The biggest employers in the city constitute the University of California, health care companies, etc. The best jobs in San Diego are Natural Science Managers, Chief Executives, physicians, etc. The maximum number of employees is in mainly these sectors- technical, tourism, professional, scientific, etc. The US Navy and military here also employs a large number of people.

  1. Entertainment and recreational activities in San Diego

There are various destinations in San Diego where you can go and spend your leisure time. You can visit these places and admire the natural beauty. There are sandy beaches, mountains, valleys in San Diego. Some places where you can go to your weekends are:

  • SeaWorld San Diego
  • Balboa park 
  • La Jolla Cove
  • Torrey Pines Gliderport

Besides this, there are several other museums in San Diego where you can witness the rich art, culture, and heritage of this place. Moreover, San Diego is in close proximity to LasVegas, Los Angeles, and Disneyland. Many events like Halloween, beach dances, swap-meet, outdoor cinema, etc are also organized in San Diego.

  1.     Restaurants, food, and beer and nightlife 

The food in San Diego is highly dominated by Mexican cuisine, however, you can get to eat various other cuisines and dishes in the local restaurants here. Two big seafood companies are also located here. San Diego is known as America’s Craft Beer Capital. People from distant places come here to taste the special beers. 

The city is home to many renowned and big restaurants where you can go for fine dining and go to a new restaurant every evening. However, if you want to cook at home then fresh fruits and vegetables are also available in the farm markets.

Various night clubs, bars, and pubs that offer endless beer and dancing make the nightlife vibrant in San Diego. Beach parties are also organized here and you can also visit several luxurious clubs.

Now, as we are done with the pros of the city, let us discuss why you should think twice before moving to San Diego.

Cons of San Diego

  1. Traffic

Most of the people in San Diego travel through their cars. Though the government has provided transportation facilities to its people. The biggest drawback of San Diego is its traffic. The roads and highways in San Diego are heavily crowded in the rush hours. Traveling from this place to some neighboring town or city for work can be a challenge. The traffic becomes worse during summers because a large number of tourists come to San Diego every year in summers.

  1. The poverty rate in San Diego

13-14% of the population of San Diego lives below the poverty line. It is shocking to know that the maximum population that lives below the poverty line is the youth, which accounts for over 11-12% of the total population below the poverty line.

  1. Prices of house and house rent

The prices of homes are very high in San Diego. One may have to spend $700,000-$800,000 to be able to afford a home in San Diego. It is a very big challenge for newcomers because it costs a fortune for even the people staying there to buy a small house or apartment.

Because of the high prices of homes in San Diego, the rent for homes is also very high. You may have to spend $200 for a single room and up to $2300-$2500 for a two-room apartment in San Diego.

  1. Cost of living

The cost of living is very high in San Diego. One of the main factors behind the high cost of living in San Diego is the high cost of housing. Along with housing, groceries, transportation, contribute to the high cost of living. However, health-care is cheaper in San Diego in comparison with the other parts of California or America as a whole. Moreover, the cost of living is on a rise and it increases every year.

If you are planning to move to San Diego, you need to consider various factors to move safely and smoothly. Once you have moved to San Diego, explore the market, go to various shops, cafes, and restaurants to locate the best ones according to your preference.

Connect with new people, you can attend the events happening in the city to socialize, or you can go to cafes, clubs, and beaches to meet new people.

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