What Do I Need to Know When Buying a Vacation Home at Apple Valley Lake?

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What Do I Need to Know When Buying a Vacation Home at Apple Valley Lake? Sherrie Toth

Buying a vacation home at Apple Valley Lake, OH, is a fantastic idea. There are a few things essential to note. The lake is 511 acres and allows for an array of recreational activities. Acquiring a vacation home in Apple Valley is more reasonably priced than the national median, by 22%! It’s a private community, and living in Apple Valley is a peaceful and fun experience. 

The main attraction when moving to Apple Valley is the 511-acre lake that sits in the middle of it all. The lake extends over 3 miles in length and provides the chance for so much fun to be had. With over 3700 acres of property, it allows for many choices of homes at Apple Valley Lake, and a diversity of views, locations and pricing. If you enjoy boating, fishing, or sporting on the water, you’ll love Apple Valley. 

There are many reasons you could be looking for Apple Valley Lake, OH, homes for sale. It could be a place for taking vacations or one to retire. Regardless, you want to ensure you get the best home for you and your family. If you know the important details before buying, you’ll know how to make the best decision. 

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What Are Important Things to Know about Apple Valley, OH? 

Before you finally buy one of the vacation homes for sale in Apple Valley Lake, OH, you need to know about the setting. Knowing the location is the most important thing to know before buying a home. 

  • Private Community: If you’re looking for a location that is peaceful and quiet most of the time, Apple Valley, OH, is the one. It is private, the amenities are accessible only to residents or their guests. This ensures safety too, as you know that people around are either residents or people they can vouch for. 
  • Private Lake and Beaches: If you buy a home in Apple Valley Lake, you'll have the chance to enjoy the lake's benefits. The major one is Apple Valley Lake itself, the lake in the middle of the community. The lake is private, so only homeowners or their guests can use it. With nearly 10 miles of shoreline, Apple Valley Lake is bound to have a beach. It will please you to find out it has three. Each of these three beaches have facilities of their own to make it easy to plan a whole day there. They each have a playground for children, and areas for picnics. Restrooms and changing rooms are available in the beach house. 
  • Marina: With a lake as large as Apple Valley Lake, it’d be a shame not to go boating on it. That’s why there’s a full service marina with many options, whether you own a boat or not. For boat owners, the marina offers docking, and long-term storage. Many other boat services are available if needed. This includes oil changes, repairs, and winterization. There are also gas pumps available to fill up your tank. For property owners who don’t own a boat, but would like to go out on the lake, the marina has options as well. You can rent boats at the marina to navigate the lake for a day. If you’ve moved to Apple Valley Lake and are looking to buy a boat, the marina can help you with that. New and used boats are available for sale. 
  • Community amenities: All the amenities in Apple Valley are not open to the public. For the community, this is a good thing. These amenities make it easy to have fun or host an occasion without stress. 
    • Apple Valley Clubhouse: The Apple Valley Clubhouse is a fantastic place for recreation. The clubhouse building itself is two stories and has many facilities of its own. It has two lounges, two kitchens, saunas, a swimming pool, a fitness center, and more. The zero entry outdoor pool is heated and has fun water features for the kids. Property owners may bring guests for a small fee. The clubhouse also features a fitness center with weights, weight machines, treadmills and stationary bikes. The clubhouse also features a playground area and has beautiful views of the lake.
    • Floral Valley Community Center: The Floral Valley Community Center is perfect for recreation and business. It has a space that works great for business meetings and conferences. You can hold other functions here without a hitch as well. There's a large kitchen on-site to cook for sizeable groups. A lounge and a large indoor pool provide winter entertainment. 

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How Much Does a House in Apple Valley Lake, OH, Cost? 

Apple Valley Lake is a premium community for active living in central Ohio. With the hills around and the clean lake that is the centerpiece. Apple Valley Lake is a wonderful community with activities all year round. There are many Apple Valley Lake, OH, lakefront homes for sale. 

There are over 6,600 lots, with a wide range of prices. Some lots have had homes built, while others remain vacant. Prices depend on the location of the lot, the presence of a home and its quality, and the view of the lake. For vacant lots, prices range from $3,500 to as much as $400,000. If you would rather have a home built already, you can buy those as well. These can range from $100,000 to over $1,000,000. 

The Homeowners Association dues are extremely reasonable and only paid once a year. 

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How is the Weather in Apple Valley Lake, Ohio? 

If you wish to move to Apple Valley Lake, you are likely interested in the weather of the area. The seasons in Apple Valley Lake, OH, achieve a nice balance. The weather moves from chilly in the winter months to warm in the summer. In a year, temperatures peak at an average of about 83 °F in July and drop as low as 20 °F around late January. 

Regardless of the season, homes in Apple Valley look gorgeous year-round. From glistening in the sun at the height of summer to a field of snow and frozen over in the coldest of winter. Apple Valley Lake is always a beautiful place to spend time with family and friends. 

Apple Valley Lake, OH, is a splendid place to live. Whether full-time or part-time, there are homes for everyone, and vary widely in price. If you want to build yourself, that’s an option too. Buying a house in such a private community can be tough, though. You’ll enjoy having an agent team, who are well-informed about the community and the surrounding area. That’s where Sherrie and Joe Toth come in. If you want to buy a house in Apple Valley, Ohio, then they’re the right people for the job. 

Sherrie and Joe Toth have been leading in sales in Apple Valley since 2017. From the looks of things, they aren’t stopping anytime soon. Call them up at 740-390-0735 to get started. You’ll settle in and be gazing out at the lake in no time.

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We work hard to master the market, serve our clients, and stay strong in our faith to serve each person in our path! Joe is a township trustee, local firefighter, paramedic and on the Apple Valley board of directors. These ties and trust of the community, is just what a client needs!

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