Small Steps For Big Changes In Real Estate

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 22 December 2020 08:34
Every year millions of people set a New Year’s resolutions for themselves. Maybe they want to
make more money, or lose weight, or get a new job. Whatever it is, it’s great to set goals, but if
you were to ask people at the end of the year whether or not they accomplished their goals,
most would probably say no. It’s easy to think that people fail to accomplish their goals because
they didn’t work hard enough or they were lazy, but the truth is, it’s really hard to make a
change overnight. Meeting your goals should be a process and most people fail to meet their
goals because they try to make big changes all at once. So, if you really are serious about
meeting your goals, it’s essential to develop a habit that will help you succeed. The Greek
philosopher Aristotle once said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act
but a habit.” When asked, most people say they got into real estate to meet their financial goals - financial
independence, retirement savings, or just an easy way to earn some extra money on the side.
Real estate is a great way to accomplish all of these things, but just like any goal, it’s not enough
to just commit to it. You need to commit to the habits that will enable you to achieve it. The
first step is committing to habits that will make you feel better mentally and physically. This will
mean different things for different people, so find what works best for you. Some people might
like to meditate and exercise every morning, others might like to journal every morning and
read before they go to sleep. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that puts you in a good
frame of mind, and prepares you to be your best self. And remember, waking up early to
exercise is not for everyone, so if something is not working, don’t force it. Make sure your
routine is something you actually enjoy- it will make it so much easier to stick to.
Once you have a routine for your mental and physical wellbeing, the next step is to consistently
get you out of your comfort zone. You could make a habit out of reading up on real estate every
day, but that is not going to get you to where you need to be. You should be doing things that
don’t come easy. Start networking, either in person or online. You can find plenty of groups to
connect with potential customers or other investors. Or start pitching customers or investors
about certain projects. This will be hard at first, but if you commit to working towards it every
day, it will get so much easier overtime. Good habits build off each other. If you start your day
by meditating and going for a run, it will be that much easier to network with new people later
in the day, and if you get in the habit of networking every day, it will be that much easier to
close deals when they arise. Having a routine and sticking to it is the most important thing
because it puts you in a position to be successful.
Committing to a routine also means reframing how to think about goals. A goal should not be
an all or nothing achievement, but a habit of success. This is especially true for meeting
financial goals like retirement. So often, people say they want $10 million to retire, but for most
people this is unrealistic, and its actually counterproductive. Instead of pie in the sky goals,
people should be thinking about how much they need per month to retire. For instance, a
cashflow of $5,000 a month for retirement, is an achievable goal, and reframes retirement 
planning into a process that can be completed through a responsible financial routine. For most
people it is all but impossible to close a huge deal or flip a mansion that will make them a
millionaire overnight, but if people get in the habit of prudent real estate investments,
overtime they will establish a healthy cashflow that will allow for a very comfortable
retirement. The trick is to commit to a process over time, not to do it all at once.
New Years is fast approaching and it is tempting to begin a new routine as part of a New Year’s
resolution, but there’s no real reason to wait until January 1st. The secret to meeting goals is
consistency, so why not start with a new routine right away. If you have begun a healthy habit
by New Year eve, it will make it that much easier to keep up your routine into the New Year.
There is no magic switch to flip that can change us over night, but we can commit to doing
something healthy one day at a time. Habits built off each other, until eventually, success itself
becomes a habit.
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John Trautman

John Trautman has spent his entire adult life in real estate. Purchasing his first property at 23, he learned the process of flipping and real estate holding from the ground up. Real estate continue to be his passion while he spent eight years as an account executive and later a vice President for Washington Mutual in the mortgage division. Holding the position of President’s Council and several years of President’s Club, he learned the lending business from the mortgage office perspective and lender perspective. Throughout his life he has also been a small business owner, commercial real estate holder, property designer, and house flipper.

During the downturn, John followed the deal to Detroit, Michigan, where he invested in single family rentals and multi-family dwellings. Once his returns were realized, he moved quickly to Arizona to invest in another distressed market.

His passion for making a deal and real estate has lead him to create a hands-on real estate investment mentoring club called Real Estate Knowledge Institute

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