Why Work With the Best Realtor in Apple Valley Lake, OH.

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There are two main goals when buying or selling a house. You want to complete the sale as fast as possible and make the most profit. You could complete a house sale on your own. But if you do it that way, you’re unlikely to get the best deal. This is why it is important to work with a good Realtor®.


In fact, not only a good Realtor®, but the best one. The best Realtor® in Apple Valley Lake, OH will help you complete your sale fast. This will be someone who has experience in the area. They will have experience selling luxury and waterfront homes. They should also have a good idea of all variables that will work to get you the best deal.


You may be wondering why you should work with the best Realtor® in Apple Valley Lake, OH. Wonder no longer. This post is here to let you know why you should.


What Are the Benefits of Working with the Best Realtor® in Apple Valley Lake?


If you are buying a house, there are some things you want to get from the sale. You want to find a home that sells at a reasonable price. You also want to make sure that the home you find is perfect for you. If you’re selling, you will want to sell as fast as you can. You will also want to make the best profit. There is a lot to be gained from working with a good Realtor®.


For a seller, these benefits include::


  • You will make more profit. A skilled Realtor® knows the community they are selling in thoroughly. The longer they have been in that community, the better. There are a lot of complexities that can be involved in a house sale. Waterfront and luxury homes sell differently than regular homes. This is why your agent must know the details. This way, with the help of an appraiser, they can put a smart price tag on your home.
  • You will sell a lot faster. You can give selling your house yourself a shot. There’s always a reason why agents spend years earning their expertise, though. A sale can be done efficiently and right on the first try. If you choose the right agent in Apple Valley Lake, OH, you will see. No home seller wants their house to sit on the market for years.. You can sell in less than a few months with a good Realtor® by your side.
  • Access to a professional network. Unless you are a Realtor®, you likely don’t have hundreds more in your contacts. A real estate agent will likely have many friends in their occupation. These connections can come in handy when trying to make a sale. One agent might have a client selling a home in Iowa, planning to move to Ohio. What if they told their agent they’re looking to buy in Apple Valley Lake? Their agent calls yours, and like that, you have a buyer. Associations are also a strong network that can be accessed by Realtors®.


For a buyer, these advantages include:


  • Improved negotiation. As a buyer, negotiation is a huge part of the buying process. You will want the most affordable price you can get. An agent will make this process much easier for you. Knocking down the price is a game of strategy they are well-trained in. Any issues or major repairs required can apply towards dropping the price. These house flaws can be used to reduce your offer This is especially true when they won’t be repaired before sale. If you decide to undergo this alone, you may miss such details. Even if you notice them, you may fail at negotiation.
  • Documentation will be better understood. The process of buying a home involves a lot of paperwork. It is important to submit and fill everything required. If done wrong, this can slow down the entire process. The best Realtor® has been through these hundreds of times. They’ll make sure everything is properly signed and intact.
  • The home will be better suited to you. Whether it’s due to budget or taste, everyone has a house in mind when buying. You may not always be able to get what you want, but you can come close. An Apple Valley Lake, OH, Realtor® will know where to get the things you request. You might want something two stories tall or something with a lot of yard space. A good Realtor® can find you an appropriate fit.
  • Common closing issues can be dodged. When finally wrapping up a sale, some pitfalls can spring out of nowhere. These can stop the sale from happening entirely. It is important to prevent these from happening in the first place. These can include common issues such as:


1. Document problems. An error in the details written on the paperwork can cause big problems. This could be as small as a typo. It is integral that all paperwork is reviewed with your agent at all times.

2. Sudden problematic discoveries. Before finalizing your sale you may find that there is a major repair required. It would have been ideal if this was found during the valuation phase. That could have assisted in reducing the offer. However, having seen it after, it may shut down the sale. But you should likely be able to knock down the price more.

3. Delays in the mortgage payment. As a buyer, you are likely waiting for your bank to fund the transaction. If they don’t do this in time, it can jeopardize the sale. A good agent can help you check in with the lender to ensure everything is fine.


If you’re looking for waterfront homes to sell or buy, you want a good Realtor®. The best of them in Apple Valley Lake, OH, should be experienced with the area. They should know how to sell a house or how to help with buying. They should also be aware of the nuances of waterfront and luxury property.


When you look for the best Realtors® in this region, you’ll find Sherrie and Joe Toth. With certifications in luxury and second homes, you’ll find that you are in the right hands. They have been top in Apple Valley Lake, OH sales since 2017. And if you’re looking for a lakefront home, they’ve been top in that since 2006.


Sherrie and Joe Toth are the top in the business in Apple Valley Lake. Whether you want to buy or sell, you can’t go wrong with them. Contact Sherrie and Joe Toth at 740-390-0735 to get started.

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RE/MAX Consultant Group | Apple Valley Lake

We list and sell a lifestyle at Apple Valley Lake Ohio!! Specializing in waterfront, water view, golf course and apple Valley full time and 2nd homes. Joe, myself and our team have a niche website that features homes and lots for sale and the lifestyle living at Apple Valley Lake! We have been #1 in Apple Valley sales since 2017 and lakefront sales since 2006

I grew up in the real estate industry. I like to say that I've been selling real estate since I was 6! I hung out with my grandmother who was a top producer in the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio for years then eventually retiring from the business at the age of 90. My grandmother used say; "I give my clients more than what they expect" This quote has always been the staple of our business. Agents can sell the same product. We stand apart from others with the service that we deliver, focusing on Apple Valley homes and lots and taking excellent care of our clients! This has earned us numerous local, state and national awards.

Joe and I bought our first weekend home at Apple Valley Lake in 2000. Loving the lake lifestyle and the community so much, we moved to Apple Valley full time in 2005. We enjoy introducing folks to the area and to the joy of living the lake lifestyle. It's easy to sell what you love and believe in.

We work hard to master the market, serve our clients, and stay strong in our faith to serve each person in our path! Joe is a township trustee, local firefighter, paramedic and on the Apple Valley board of directors. These ties and trust of the community, is just what a client needs!

Joe & Sherrie Toth

RE/MAX Consultant Group | Apple Valley Lake

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email: info@tothandteam.com


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