Tips for Moving Your Baby to Their New 'Big Kid' Bed

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When your baby begins to get more mobile, it can soon seem like a bad idea to leave them with their current sleeping arrangements! A crib can soon become only a simple obstacle to the freedom of exploring the house, and it can be hard to sleep easily at night knowing your baby could be on the loose! Of course, the increasing ability of your child to escape their crib may not be the first motivating factor for you to move them to a 'big kid bed' – you may be expecting another child and want to free up the crib for your new arrival, or your toddler may themselves have indicated they want a proper bedroom like their older siblings, cousins or friends have.

Making the Change

There is no right age to move your baby into a child's bed, and parents tend to do this when it is practical for them as a family, or when their child has simply outgrown the crib. Usually, it is a fairly easy change to make, which after a few nights of adjustment for the child, quickly becomes normal routine. However, there are a few things you can consider and do to make the move as stress free as possible for your child.

Creating a Nice Bed

When it comes to the bed itself and the mattress, your main priority should be safety – ensuring your child can't roll out of bed in the night. Other than that, it is good to go for economy – you will probably only use this bed (for this child at least) for a few years, and there could well be a lot of nocturnal 'accidents' between then and now, so there is no sense in spending a huge amount on a mattress. You can find great prices on quality beds designed for young children at Big Brand Beds.

Once you have the bed structure, you need to make it look and feel as appealing as possible for your child, so they will be happy about it becoming their new bed. Choose bed linen that they will love, with designs in their favourite colours or with characters they like. Also consider adding the blanket from their crib for the first few nights to give them some comforting familiarity.

Make Bedtime a Nice Experience

Kids don't always love the idea of going to bed at all, even when they are tired – they feel like they are missing out while the rest of the family stay up! To make bedtime in their new bed or bedroom a thing they will actually look forward to, make sure it always comes with some nice together time, with a story or lullabies and their favourite soft toys to cuddle up to. Use a soft night light if they don't like being in the dark, in a soothing hue.

Buying and setting up your child's first bed can be fun, and helping them transition into a new nightly routine can be a great bonding experience as they go through this important step in every child's life!

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