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The Science of the Sale: Honing in on Quality and Convenience for the Hurried Homeowner

Written by Posted On Saturday, 13 April 2019 14:31

The promising and fresh season of Spring is finally here, and along with the thankful change in weather is a large uptick in the buying and selling of homes. As jobs roll out more open positions, companies regain stability during the second quarter, and snow has now completely melted, it is the time of year where “For Sale” signs start popping up in as great of numbers as seeds for fresh vegetables and finally taking the cover off the outdoor grill!

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One of the issues that those who are choosing to put their home on the market have been facing for decades is that of the “dreaded Weekender”. Right smack-dab in the middle of the time when they are facing a schedule that is pushed to its limits, there is now the issue of showing the house on weekends, and potentially leaving the property while doing so.

Part of the mantra that became wildly popular in the 80's regarding successful sales of properties honed specifically close into the open house. It was during that time that real estate agents first began an aggressive stance into truly finding the right person to purchase the property in question, and providing candid talk about pre-qualification and serious intent to purchase. During this transition into a time where buyers started to realize that they really had to have their ducks in a row for their desired transaction, agents also began to drastically change their expectations for the seller.

When a family finally makes the decision to list a property for sale, there may be circumstances such as a divorce, new job, move, or downsizing that have already done a very thorough and bang-up job of monopolizing their free time. Once the property is on the market, it has long been said that anyone coming in to see the house will not want anyone with “emotional attachment” to the property present, as the tugging on heartstrings may interfere with the important aspects of a prospective buyer analyzing the property.

If the seller of the property has to leave their own premises at any point in time, it poses a grave inconvenience, and the weekends can prove to be even more stressful. Already being situated in an event where time is of the essence has been realized, and during the weekends when the listed home is shown, weary families piled themselves into their vehicles and took the kids to the movies, went out to eat, and nervously plodded around town while foreign feet trudged through their property.

During the last couple of years in cities that had experienced booms such as Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Seattle, the best and brightest in the industry began putting their heads together. The message from sellers was heard loud and clear regarding the weekend time issue and showings, but what exactly could be done about it to make things seamless and easier?

After a close examination of the way that transactions work, many with decades of experience in the real estate industry finally began to pick up their smartphones and laptops and go to work. After realizing that forming strong alliances was the way to proceed, a few key entrepreneurs got to business and saw to it that the companies they had in development stage would be able to fill in some of the Grey areas of the deal that were keeping the seller bound to the old way of doing business.

How could an entity offer a fair price, give their agents acceptable commission, and start to include services that made the sellers life easier? Many new businesses that hone their expertise have incorporated technology to speed up the process, but commitments to transparency also were of grave importance: if the overall sale was going to be made easier, it doesn't mean the quality of service should drastically drop.

The new players that have seen success in providing convenience for the hurried homeowner have put algorithms to use that undergo a comprehensive evaluation of what makes the property stand out from others. Once the evaluation is complete, these new experts that are sometimes even ready to buy the property sight unseen are making life a lot easier for the homeowner that is on a deadline.

With the availability of high-quality photos and virtual tours, the offer process has been made easier, but this new-found phenomenon of providing the seller multiple resources under one umbrella incorporates more than just a robotic sense of visual appeal and the ability to make an offer online. These revolutionary new brands created to serve you are taking pleasure in having the ability to bring every single trait of the transaction to you without bombarding you with more hassle.

Are you planning on selling a house this year? It is now more important than ever to know where you stand with your timeline, and when exactly everything will take place. You may be able to benefit greatly from a service like Dorrmat that goes the extra mile to make sure that the multiple things you need can be obtained through one vendor. It's going to feel fantastic to know now that you can keep your weekend time to yourself, easing turbulence and pressure during your next big step in life.

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