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Knob Hill Colorado Springs, Real Estate Market Outlook March 2018 - March 2019

Written by Posted On Monday, 29 April 2019 18:41

Knob Hill, Colorado Springs is a historic neighborhood located on the northeast part of Downtown Colorado Springs. The official boundaries of the Knob Hill neighborhood start at the Northwest corner of E. Yampa and N. Union Blvd. The western boundary extends southward to the corner of N. Union and E. St Vrain, eastward along E. St Vrain to Alexander Rd. and north again to E. Yampa.

Knob Hill is a neighborhood that has an important role in the history of Colorado Springs. One of the most interesting and little known facts about this area is that Inventor Nikola Tesla's wireless power experimental station was located on Knob Hill.

Here are the real estate statistics for the Knob Hill neighborhood from March of 2018 through March of 2019:

Knob Hill Colorado Springs

Over the past five years, this area has become very popular. The problem is that the area doesn't see a lot of turnover because people tend to stay. If you are interested in neighborhoods in downtown Colorado Springs that are similar to Knob Hill or at least close to the area, here is a list of some great alternatives choices.

Bonnyville Is a small neighborhood built around Bonforte Park just northwest of the Patty Jewett Golf Course. This neighborhood is extremely popular for a number of reasons. First of all the area exudes a strong sense of charm. Homes are mostly smaller ranch-style homes on larger mature lots. The area is closed to shopping and restaurants as well as trails and parks. Much like the Knob Hill neighborhood, the Bonnyville neighborhood sees very little turnover.

East Hills is a small neighborhood located just east of the Nob Hill Neighborhood. East Hills is south of East Yampa Street, west of North Circle Drive North of East Saint Vrain Street and East of Alexander Road.

St Mary's High School a private Catholic College Prep School is located in the northwest corner of East Hills. Homes in the East Hills neighborhood average 1,015 square feet in size and the median sales price is $181,250. This neighborhood saw most of its development in the 1940s and the 1950s and the home styles reflect that. This area consists primarily of smaller ranch-style homes on good-sized mature lots.

The Hastings subdivision in downtown Colorado Springs actually consists of a couple of small neighborhoods located to the east of the Patty Jewett Golf Course and west of North Wasatch Avenue.

Homes in this historic neighborhood were built as early as 1898 and on into the early 1930s. The average square footage in this neighborhood is currently 1,702 square feet. It's important to know that because of the age of this neighborhood many homes have been remodeled and expanded. the median sales price for this neighborhood is currently $300,000.

The Old North End is an iconic downtown, Colorado Springs neighborhood. This neighborhood is a collection of small subdivisions lumped together because they occupy the land to the north of Colorado College. The neighborhood possesses a unique architectural style that is different from much of the rest of downtown Colorado Springs. Many of these homes were built with money made from the Cripple Creek gold mines, so they tend to be larger in scale and size and possess a more ornate architectural style.

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