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For starting a business you need three things

An idea, which is exceptionally unique and highly feasible

Impeccable marketing strategies

Excellent negotiation strategies

These three factors are interlinked and you can not compromise on any of these, otherwise your business idea will not be efficient. Every day millions of graduates pass out from different colleges and every graduate has got his own idea, some plan to earn through jobs while others go for starting nee business, it is a general understanding that for starting a business, entrepreneurs need a lot of money, it is merely a myth, you do not need a lot of money for starting up, you just have to follow the right strategies.

Why people should follow the traditions in business:

“old is gold”

We all know that for making a perfect cup of coffee we will have to follow the traditional instructions, same is the case for running a business, no matter hoe motivated you are or how much money you have got in your pocket before taking up a new business, there will always be some norms that can not be ignored, in fact ignoring those will be risky for the business.

Every successful business man has faced failures, frauds and has crossed hurdles. Experienced business men were entrepreneurs one day, but with the passage of time thing have changed it is an age of globalization and internet has taken over every traditional method, but personal meetings and negotiations can still be done through the old methods, let us look at some business saving advices on successful negotiating methods by entrepreneur.

Here is a list of 10 successful people

  1. 1.Jeff Bezos
  2. CEO and founder of worlds biggest ecommerce website – Amazon.com
  1. 2.Bill gates
  2. The owner of microsoft.com. With a net worth of $97 billion dollars. He started in 1970s. Not only this he is also known for his charity and philanthropic projects.
  1. 3.Ann sanders:

A journalist and a founder of agreenhand.com. She started her career from Australia and within 10 years she became the most influential broadcaster of western Australia

  1. 4.Bernard
  2. CEO and owner of LVMH. His net economical value is $76 billion.
  1. 5.Wanrner Buffett
  2. Berkshire Hathaway which controls more than 60 companies. All this set up is owned by Warren Buffett. His net worth is approximately $86 billion.
  1. 6.Amancio ortega
  2. Cofounder of a popular fashion chain Zara, his net worth us almost $65 billion.
  1. 7.Angela Merkel

The first female chancellor of Germany. She was a physicist. She joined politics   in 1989 after the issue of Berlin wall. With the passage of time she became the chairman of her political party and with constant struggled she succeeded for the first female chancellor in year 2005. She is considered as the most powerful lady and leader. She can control the European economy, she has handled the foreign policy of country in a very impressive manner. Moreover the most significant of all is her attitude in a male oriented environment.

  1. 8.Mark Zuckerberg
  2. Facebook owner, now it also controls Instagram and WhatsApp. His net
  3. worth is $62 billion. He donates his 99% income on charity.
  1. 9.Michel Bloomberg
  2. CEO and owner of financial software and tv channel Bloomberg. His financial worth is $55 dollars.
  1. 10.Larry page:
  2. Owner of the Alphabet. He is associated with google and many other softwares that are under the control of google. His net worth is $50 dollars.
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