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On the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain in the city of New Orleans lies one of its most beautiful neighborhoods, Lakeview New Orleans. Unfortunately, this neighborhood also lays claim to some of the most destructive streets in our great city.

The History Of Lakeview New Orleans

What was once swampland was converted into coveted waterfront housing. French explorers first noticed this and began setting up trapper’s outpost at Bayou St. John. The Spanish continued the fortification of the area by reinforcing it with a fort and filled in much of that swamp to become the rear protection for entrance into the city of New Orleans. The Spanish, however, saw no other value except for the military fortification and they eventually sold the land to a Mr. Alexander Milne. He is the pioneer who truly developed the land beginning in the area now known as Gentilly.

His beginning efforts soon transformed into a massive development. The area soon became a prime destination for city dwellers to get out of the hustle and bustle of downtown by taking day trips to the many hotels, resorts, and other entertainment venues that populated the area. Of course, as progress continued so too did a demand for residential accommodations in the area.

A large engineering project was taken on. An area known for nothing but being a swamp soon became one of New Orleans’ first suburbs. The 500 year old trees and water were pulled up and drained. The mud was dug up and filled in with dirt more suitable for building on. Streets and houses filled up the area and Lakeview was born.

Unfortunately, Lakeview rather liked being a swamp as opposed to being a neighborhood. It wasn’t soon before houses started sinking and roads began to crack up creating potholes you could lose your dog in. Families cheered in celebration when the giant construction gear was rolled into the neighborhood so they could once again travel their streets without having to call the mechanic the next day to find out what a three foot drop did to the front end of their car.

Lakeview Streets

One thing that all of these years of rugged endurance proved was that the residents would not give up easy on getting the streets of Lakeview fixed. In fact, it was the homeowners themselves who gave the steam to the repairing projects by launching a massive “Fix My Streets” campaign. In truth, the initial campaign was “Fix My Streets! I Pay My Taxes” but taxes weren’t the problem. They even have a Facebook Page devoted to fixing the streets.

Street repair was never big on the city’s budget. Only one and a half percent of property taxes were allocated to street repair in 2014. The real problem, however, was that only two percent of the city’s sales taxes were allocated to these types of projects and that was a far bigger number.

After Katrina, however, New Orleans opened up its eyes and a transformative mission was undertaken. Between 2008 and 2012 two major phases of street construction valued at just under seven million dollars were finalized. In 2015 Lakeview saw the design, beginning, and construction of another three million in street repairs. In total, by the end of 2016, Lakeview is expected to see over twenty-three million dollars in street and sidewalk repairs and restorations.

Streets Affect Real Estate Values

Many of the Lakeview residents have complained, and with good reason, that the poor condition of the streets in Lakeview have effect on their property values. With the rise of the property values in Lakeview since the massive rebuilding effort after Hurricane Katrina, many residents feel that Lakeview homes for sale would bring a higher price if their streets were fixed. This is a valid point, as one of the basic principles in value is the principle of substitution which states a homes upper limit of value tends to be set by the cost of acquiring a similar or equally desirable home for sale. With all of that said, it is easy to see why someone comparing a Lakeview homeLakeview home to, for instance, a home on the Northshore of New Orleans in a booming city such as Mandeville.  All of the Northshore properties are relitivly new and have arguably perfect streets. 

Getting Lakeview Streets Fixed

Lakeview is a most wonderful part of the City of New Orleans. The money and repair the city has spent on street repair in Lakeview it’s time and effort on would seem to indicate that the city finally understands that. The citizens of the area are also owed their just dues. Without them and their efforts to restore and rebuild Lakeview may have fallen by the wayside. Instead they have struggled through adversity and come out stronger on the other side. It is a truly refreshing change of pace to see the leadership of the city of New Orleans supporting it’s hardest working citizens by standing up and saying to them…if you are willing to begin this struggle than we will fight alongside of you to give you your homes back, to rebuild this New Orleans institution, and to help provide you with the uniquely Lakeview New Orleans lifestyle you are accomplishing and preserving.


A Video On Attempting To Drive The Speed Limit Through Lakeview



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