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Productivity for agents and brokerages and all real estate professionals is going to be completely transformed because of Mobile, according to Homesnap’s CEO John Mazur during a recent interview by Stefan Swanepoel at the San Diego Association of REALTORS Elevate Conference.

Mazur told the audience that “you need to be able to run your business from your phone.” And to back this up he cited these statistics:

· 15% of global internet traffic is mobile
· 60% of Google searches are mobile
· 90% of users access Facebook via mobile
· 37% of homebuyers are Millenials and they practically live on mobile

When Stefan asked about what was cool and innovative in technology, John – a technologist by trade -- took a moment to point out that technology seems to overshadow what the real estate business is all about, namely the business is about people and the human relationships between agents and consumers. Technology is supposed to make that relationship easier.

Brokerages should equip their agents with easy to use productivity tools, some of which integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. AI is about pattern recognition. When consumers ask about market trends in their area, the technology should provide agents with quick answers that are backed by solid data.

For brokerages to provide the best consumer experience, they first must provide the environment for the best agent experience because the agents are the source to the consumers. The mantra is not to put the consumer first, it is to put the agents first because they are the ones who give the experience to the consumer.

Homesnap operates a consumer portal as well as the Broker Public Portal (with no ads), providing over one million agents with access. The app is free to agents and MLSs. John was proud that Homesnap has provided over one million leads.

John concluded the interview with a challenge to agents to build their brand and to take advantage of online reviews and Google profiles. Get the word out. Let’s give the power back to the agents and brokers.

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Saul Klein

In 1948, doctors told my father that his life aboard submarines on war patrol in the South Pacific and the depth charging he experienced had rendered him sterile. Although controversial and not widely applied, he was treated with an Ayurvedic therapy called “shivambu.” If you are unfamiliar with this term, I recommend you Google it because against all odds, I came to exist.

That was a loony segue into my life but is a fitting precursor to a career that would be just as incredible.

Like my father, I joined the Navy. However, due to a medical inconvenience, I was honorably discharged after 6 years of commissioned service, all on Sea Duty. This was an opportune misfortune that led me down the path to a successful career in real estate. Both my father and grandfather flirted in real estate brokering and flipping part-time, and I followed suit but making a lifelong career out of it.

With over 40 years in real estate, it is impossible to talk about my experiences in this small window. But I can proudly say that I am well-recognized as an industry pioneer, especially in real estate syndication and education, and one of the few luminaries that paved the way for real estate’s transition to the online world.

Some highlights of my life’s work:
● Co-created ePRO, technology certification course that certified 70,000 students
● Created the first online communities for real estate professionals to network, learn, and sell
● Created "Opt Out" Listing Syndication, aggregating over 1.4 Million Listings in 18 months
● Built the #2 National Listing Syndication Service, Point2 Technologies, sold to Yardi in 2010
● Founder of the California Association of Buyer’s Agents
● Member of the first Team, pre-IPO, responsible for obtaining first 500,000 listings
● Helped Zillow and Trulia build up their MLS data inventory

Today I continue to lead efforts that bring new technologies to the real estate industry. Feel free to reach out and learn more.

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