Why Is It so Difficult to Stay With a CRM?

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After 32 years in this business and 20 years of selling and coaching people on CRM, I've found that there are some consistent reasons why people don't stick with their CRM. Here is the first and most important reason of five.

First and foremost is that you need to make it a habit. That's the part where most people fail right from the get go.

What doesn't work is spending hours with it on one day and none the next, and the next. What does work, is to use it every day without fail, until you are in the habit of using it every day.

 Now the question is how to do it.

What does not work for the vast majority of people is to schedule time at varying times throughout each day to spend with your CRM. In this business, we get distracted by every day issues and keeping that appointment with yourself to learn your CRM usually loses. What I've found worked for me personally and for hundreds that I've coached, is to work on your CRM for at least one hour every day, first thing in the morning before you get into your email and voicemail. If you start answering those first, what will happen? You'll end up blowing it off. Spending a lot of time on it for a day or two or three is a great way to start, as long as you don't let that be the only day that week. You have to use it every day so you don't forget what you learned the day before. When you are learning new software, It's very difficult to remember what you've learned if you don't build on it every day because it's all too new and unorganized in your mind. Once you get that foundation and perspective going consistently, you'll start to internalize it and then you're making progress.

What does this mean? That you have to spend the first hour of every day for the rest of your life learning your CRM? Not at all. Eventually you'll be using your CRM to run your business. Once you learn it enough, you'll be in it every day because it will be the hub of your business for staying touch with your people and tracking your transactions.

When I started doing this many years ago, the average agent was not concerned about organizing their business with a CRM. Now it's widely accepted that to not have one means to simply run a sub-par business, wasting a great deal of time that is unnecessary. If you're one that has put it off, this is the first step to finally implementing a CRM. The next thoughts for consideration are:

1) Why is it so difficult to stay with a CRM?

2) How long will it take to learn?

3) The pain of growth

4) Mobility with your CRM

5) Efficiency with organization and consolidation of data

6) Which calendar should I use?

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Gary David Hall

Gary David Hall became a Real Estate Agent in 1987, and has been in the industry ever since. He has been in the trenches, and speaks your language.  Gary's clients often qualify him as being able to teach so that they understand, without a lot of technical jargon.  He knows exactly what it's like to sell a lot of Real Estate, and that is why his training is so relevant and insightful. Just ask his clients. His last four years in Real Estate Sales, Gary brokered 147 transactions and was on track for 60 in his last year with a team of three.  Having just come from a background as a computer technician and then a computer operations manager, he was able to put many automated systems into practice.  When it became evident that the industry needed the technological efficiency he used in his personal business, he decided to share that knowledge with other real estate professionals.  He founded RE-ACT, LLC (Real Estate Automation, Consultation and Training) in 1999.

Despite having a very successful and growing real estate career, Gary's true passion is teaching. His primary focus is helping agents and teams utilize CRM and Operations Management to improve their transaction management, lead generation, and follow-up efficiency. He is affiliated as a reseller for over 30 different products. He has traveled the country conducting technology and CRM seminars comprised of the many topics for which agents have a need for more clarity.  Most recently, Gary is sought after by associations and varying groups for his webinars on CRM.

While you can still bring Gary to your office for Real Estate Operations Management to help you organize your operations with CRM software, he has been having great success doing it online while screen sharing.  He is also available for any other kind of training or troubleshooting online as well.


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